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Hi all,
I'm new to this, so first I'll introduce myself. I'm a part time SAHM to a 16 mo old, and so is my husband, we are both nurses.

I feel like I"ve always had a pit in my stomach when it comes to vaccines. When DD was 10 weeks old (about 1.5 weeks after shots), she started having seizures. After rushing her to lots of docs and seeing a neurologist, they said she had GERD. Of course we were told it couldn't be the shots. I was really suprised by this since she never seemed to have any reflux or spit up problems. Seizures stopped by about 4 mo. More recently at 12 mo visit, they gave her an extra shot incase one she had had previous had been a 3 part vax instead of a 4 part (can't remember what it was, can't believe I let it happen). We left those docs and now go to a doc that lets you do what you want.

I just need help in figuring out where to start. I've looked at Thinktwice.com but I need more info, 18 mo visit is coming up. Not sure if we should stop all together? DH thinks we should finish whats started and then stop. Ughhh...just don't know. Reading these boards really helps. Thanks for listening!
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Welcome! Pull up a chair and start reading. Search this forum for whatever you have questions on, there's tons of good information. Personally with a history like that there's no way I'd vax any more, but I don't vax at all.

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I'm with Angela, there's no way I'd vax after an incident like that... way too risky. BUT then again I don't vax at all now that I've fully researched the issue.

Listen to your gut, seriously... When my 3rd baby was born the nurses in the hospital asked me if I wanted his hep B shot done then or wait until the first ped appt... this was before I had began any research. I had a not so good feeling about it and decided to hold off. Something just didn't feel right about it. I am so glad I said no, we never did end up doing it. Later I began reading and learning and found out how unnecessary and harmful that particular vaccine is, it angers me that they inject the majority of brand new babies with it... That is just the beginning though.

My advice is to start by researching each childhood disease and then each vaccine. Learn as much as you possibly can and I'm sure the decision will come much easier to you. Good luck on this journey. I do believe everything happens for a reason, take this opportunity to inform and empower yourself mama!
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Welcome to the Vaccine Forum. Please put all vaccines off until you have researched everything here. Vaccines are not emergency medicine and you can always inject them. But it is very hard to reverse any of the damage done by vaccines.

There is no such thing as 'finishing' a series. Vaccines and the amount it takes to get 'immunity' is guess work. Most kids have a superficial immunity after the first dose but because there are a few who don't, every child gets boosters.

Vaccines basically put a normal childhood disease off until the child goes to college at which time a person should have life long immunity and not have to worry about childhood diseases.

I am glad I was born before the mass-vaccine era. I had my childhood disease and when my kids came down with one, I did not feel threatened. They were boosters for me (I never got any symptoms). Now when my grandchildren come down with a rash or fever, I don't worry, I have life long immunity to everything that I need.

Think it over. Don't vaccinate until you and your dh are 100% sure that is the right thing to do.
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Thank you all, it really makes me feel better to have the support. I'll just take it piece by piece. I appreciate the info!
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Originally Posted by Izzysmom
Not sure if we should stop all together? DH thinks we should finish whats started and then stop.
Here are VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) reports using "seizure" as a variable. So you're not overwhelmed, I only searched from the year 2000 to the present. If you want reports of seizure prior to 2000, let me know:

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Thanks for the info on the VAERs, that is crazy! My daughter is only 16 mo old. We were told by the docs that the only way she could have a seizure related to the shots was from a fever, which she didn't have. But I'm a nurse, I know what a seizure looks like. It was a terrible feeling. I think for now we will just wait and do research, like everyone has said there is no hurry. Thank you!
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