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breast are very small???

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I was just wondering if it is normal that my breast have gone to almost nothing. I have never been very big actually always quite small but with breastfeeding it gave me a new perspective on breast. Anyway I left for one week away on a trip and now I have been back for 4 days. After much debate I gave the breast back to my 19 months old daughter and it felt great. The problem is now it is the third night and it seems like I have no more milk. I do not feel a let down and they are soft all day. Today I woke up and I looked and said where are my breast? They have never been so small.

I was hoping to keep one feeding before bed time but now I do not know how long it will last. She did not seem to swallow much milk but just sucked on them tonight.

Is it the end of my breastfeeding time???
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If she is only nursing 1 time a day she is obviously getting her nutrition from many sources. There is probably a little milk in there and it is a comfort to her, so I see no reason to stop if you both want to continue.

My daughter in her last year of nursing was very infrequent not even nursing every day. So do what you feel is right in your heart
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