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cloth diapers?

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I know you may think that I am dumb, but how do you do it?

I have prefolds and some plastic panties. I know how to fold them and pin them on....yes I know AIOs are simpler, but these were given to me as a gift and I want to use them.

But how do you store the dirty ones until you are ready to wash them? How do you wash them? Any tricks to make this simpler?
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good resource...

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When we first started out cloth-diapering DS,we decided to follow this guy's advice because it sounded so easy.


(Plus,we'd bought some of our diapers from Peapods, which is a local family-owned store.) It worked great. We use the "dry diaper pail" method.
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we use the dry pail method as well. i wash every 2 days usually. i do a prewash on cold, then a wash on hot with detergent and 2 rinses, usually add a little tea tree oil in the rinse. very easy!!
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I bought a bunch of cloth diapers and so far I have not really used them. I am having trouble with how bulky they are. Plus it seems like my son wets them so fast. Any tips?
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Originally Posted by aminah
I bought a bunch of cloth diapers and so far I have not really used them. I am having trouble with how bulky they are. Plus it seems like my son wets them so fast. Any tips?
Me too! I've spent a ton of money on cloth diapers and can't use them! They are too bulky and gap around her legs which leads to leaks - I'm so sad!
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Cloth diapers sometimes need to be washed on hot and dried like five or so times before they reach their absorbency. So, if you haven't done this, go ahead and try it. I remember my first set of prefolds, so flat and thin. It was like a magic trick how thick they became

As for bulk and gaps, what size dipes and how are you folding them? There are lots of ways to fold a diaper...
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ok I know you said you wanted to use what you had but I really recommend kushies classic nappy with a wrap over the top, I have tried lots of different sorts and these are the best I think. My current kushies have lasted over two years now with constant use and have no rips or tears, they will go through another child I imagine

They are like a disposable (ie they do up like one) and then they have another wrap on top, they are thick and absorbent so they last 3 hours with a toddler, less with a babe. I add booster pads for night and they go all night through.

Also I use flushable eco liners and just lift out the poo and flush it then soak nappies in bucket with recommended soaking stuff (eco friendly) then plop them all in the wash!

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heres my 2 cence, but for those of you have spent lots of $ already its probably not to helpful.
I have cloth diapered my 2 yr old since birth using motherease one size, and i can count on one hand the number of leaks we have had, their airflow covers are awesome, seem loose but rarely get a leak.
i am also now using same dipes (used for 2 yrs and still great) on my newborn, yes they are bulky, as have to fold over for a tiny baby but they work awesome, and it only took me a day to get over how huge his bum looked after the teeny sposies i had on till his cord fell off. I now love his big cloth diapered bum.

I also dry pail and wash every 2.5 days (only wash then as would run out of dipes if not), and i wash on cold (max water level) with a tiny bit of tide free, then a hot wash (low water level), then one final (loads of water) cold wash. It took me ages to find my routine but now dont have any stains, and ds never gets a rash from too much detergent build up.

in regards as to them getting wet straight away, thats why you have the cover. I change often and always after a poo but you cant possibly change after every pee, as my little guy would be changed after 5 mins, as always pees pretty much as soon as ive changed him. But another thing i learned from these boards is to buy some fleece and cut into panty liner types shapes (no need for sewing) and use inside the diaper, that way the fleece wicks the moisture away from the babies bottom and keeps him dry and comfortable, and its also easier to flick the poop of the liner and helps to keep stains to a minimum.

Hope this all helps, as this is all the info i wish someone had told me at the beginning, hang in there its worth it in the end, and i find no more work at all once get into the swing of things.
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For those of you having gap issues, what size and type of diapers are you using?

I know when I used prefolds for DS there was definitely a learning curve! But that's what well fitting covers are for IME...what the diaper doesn't catch the cover should stop.

With this babe, the fitteds we use have so far caught almost everything before having to rely on the cover (which is how I've managed to only have 3 waterproof covers in rotation at once ROFL)

Also, little babes pee MUCH more frequently then older babes. I *knew* this and was still amazed at how many diapers we were/are going through. It seems like nothing is absorbant enough, even when it is
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Get yourself a snappi. I know lots of people still pin, but in terms of ease, the snappi really helps get that diaper on faster, especially with a squirmy screaming little one.

BTW, I have everything under the sun in terms of diapering items, and I tend to reach for my prefolds first (well, until he grew into the fuzzi bunz and wonderoos. Now I use those as well).

I use the same method most others have described. Dry pail, cold rinse, hot wash, cold wash. Tiny bit of detergent every third load. Baking soda in the other loads.
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