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Funny words and phrases your toddler has coined

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I was just journaling this evening and wanted to capture this fun time of learning to talk. What do your toddlers say that's cute and funny? Here's dd's list (26 mos. old)


kitchen = chicken

busy buzzy = flying insect

daddy's panties = daddy's whitey tighties

soft blankie = her special blanket

chocolate milkie = Ovaltine

Spinster = her friend Spencer

Spinster's milkie = Spencer's mom's breasts

want some mommy's yucky= requesting my Coke that I told her was yucky so she wouldn't want any

kikofer-anka-ina = collectively her two friends Christopher and Annika and their mom Ina

smell good = fabric softener sheet

bled = bread

pretty sound = a musical toy of hers

next to mommy = wants me to come and be near her

food = tofu

peenas = pens in plural. Pay-na is Tamil for pen. It took me part of a morning to figure out why she was asking for "mommy's peenas"

pooh-pooh bear = Winnie the Pooh

two lollipops = two pencils we have that have fancy shaped erasers

mommy's brush your teeth = my toothbrush

blest = breast, where she thinks deodorant should go
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breast= 'DEWWWWWEY!' he laughs when i call him 'my little dew-bucket'. 'dew' was his creation, btw- he wanted me to 'do'.

Grandpa is grandma, lol

can't think of any more right now.

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"Mommy I soooooo Love You!" as I came back in after grocery shopping one day she had stayed with daddy. Made my day!

As I drive she's always saying "Go this way" and pointing the direction she wants me to go. Talk about a back seat driver!

She also likes to kiss & hug the boobies goodnight. She insists on doing it to both of them, the other night as we were going to bed she even asked if she could carry one!

spasketti - spaghetti
strawberry pudding - strawberry yogurt
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ehsgetti = spaghetti
hopsital = hospital
faffy = icecream cone
snacky (=nursing) doll = barbie
baby lady = midwife
mesghian = mexican

can't think of the rest right now...
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We have a book of Edward Lear nonsense verse that's beautifully illustrated by Michael Hague. In it, there's one poem about the Courtship of the Yohghy Bonghy Bo, who has a huge head and tiny body. Dd (21 months) now says "Bongy Bo...Potatohead". She comes out with this at the most bizarre times.

When she wants to nurse, she asks for "Mnummy chow now."
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My daughter calls skateboards "scoochers"
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belt seat - seat belt
baby soup - bathing suit
youp-a-youp - soap
uppadown - upside down
mermaids - barbies
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ah boo = Brenda Blue from Jay Jay the Jet Plane
Ja Ja = the star of the show
key key = kitty kitty (what we always call the cats)
potsa = pasta, the ONLY good food
peachy = peaches (for when there's no potsa)
ah go = there it goes!
base = face (throws himself on the bed, and I say "you fell on your face!)
bozz = the boys sledding down the hill out back
bah = ball
duht = dirt (BIG time favorite! Loves to see big piles of it!)

I can't believe he has so many words! I counted 35 the other day, and he has added more since. I love to hear what he comes up with. It's interesting to hear what is important to him.
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The one that gets me every time--he calls juice "doof".
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Here are my favorites from my toddler:

"Baby's"= all-purpose for I, me, mine, etc.
"Baby"= everyone else, regardless of age.
"Eye-eesh"= Irish
"Up-deedle"= Up and down, usually in reference to her ball.
"Itty"= Kitty
"Beer"= Beads
"Bat-a-baa"= Broccoli
"Da-do" = Avocado
"Eat out App-babies"= When we are going out to eat, we have to drive by an Applebee's (which she has never eaten at).
"Boo-a"= Nursing request

Amy, mom to Tsuneo, 09/12/01
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we have a very verbal just turned 2 year old -- talks all the time and talks very clearly for the most part. there are a few areas she hasn't quite mastered yet, though. she often can't say the S that begins words if there's another consonant there so we have lots of funny ones there...

- 'tinky (smells bad)
- 'ky (where the clouds are)
- 'tars (up in the 'ky at night)
- fweet (sweet)
- fwimmy (swimmy)

i also really like
- nexterday

- ohmygoodness
- ohgracious

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When ds was about 18 mos old I made a book with pictures of all the words he could say. We would go through the book and he would say the words. So here we are a year later and I stumble across a video tape of ds and I going through his book. It's hilarious! Me: What's this? DS: Duh. Me: That's right! Truck! Now, what's this? DS: Duh. Me: Great! Cow! Now what's this? DS; Duh. etc. etc.

Anyway, our current favorite is "Dancing Guhls". This is in reference to the live models in the window of our neighbourhood lingerie shop!
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Well hum...your making me think...

oooge- orange
bibit bibit- what a frog says
booble- purple
baye-bailee ( her name)
lealix- her friend Felix
jo- her aunt joy
nernie- ernie from sesame street
nance- grandma nancy
and my all time favorite

"bow ou mommy,bow ou daddy, bow ou baby nenna,bow ou baye,bow ou pawpa joe,bow ou nance"

this would be her teling me everyone she loves...

bow ou - love you
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There are so many & I try to write as many as I can in my journal, but I'm sure I'm missing lots. Here are a few:
Dd knows that you pay for stuff at the store & when you eat in a restaurant you pay afterwards. So the other day she said she wanted to go for dinner at the "eating store" LOL
If I ask her what she's doing, sometimes she will say, "anything", meaning "nothing".
When she is eating something really good, she will sometimes say it is "sweet as cake!". Don't know where that came from, but the first time she said it she was eating macaroni & cheese!
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guacagamahlee = guacamole

germans = germs (I find that one hilarious!)

I dilllit = I did it

a snack with brown and black = yogurt
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MY MIddle child is starting to get some grasp on a few words now - he will be 2 in March
"Jew" = juice, or anything you can put in a cup
"Ah-weeee" = hungry
"ah-bee" = baby
"niiiii" = goodnight
"byyyyyyyyyyye" =goodbye of course but its so funny to hear.

Kieran finally speaks English 99% of the time. He will be 4 in June.
"ephelent" =elephant
"cookie-suh-monster" = Cookie Monster, of course
"suh-wammitch" = sandwich
"Peter Pooter" = Harry Potter :LOL but he says Harry Potter now
"foffee" = coffee
"peanut butter chunk" - was Capn' Peanut Butter Crunch
"take-eduh ..." - Taking a or took a
"chetchup" = Ketchup, that seems to be a common toddler phrasing.
"Fench Fies" -French fries
"cer-woo" - cereal
"chock-eduh milk" -chocolate milk lol
Hmmmm that's off of the top of my head for now...
Noticed a lot of mine are food related :LOL
edited because I thought of more
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those CRACKED me up.

My son is 3 and some of those rang a bell.

One thing my son hasn't stopped saying is:

"coffee milk" for Chocolate milk

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This morning I was having raisin bran for breakfast, and Phineas told me he wanted some "raisin brown" too! :LOL
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My son will be three in september, and he has some good ones that just never fail to crack me up.

"sun wake up": morning.
"sun sleping": night time.

"hootah": anything along the lines of soap or lotion in a bottle.

"little momma milk"while pinching his fingers togathor to show me "a little": he wants to nurse .
He has been telling me he"misses" so and so..Like"miss anna,miss mary"..our nieghbor and the little girl she watches on thursdays.

" long way down momma": what he said to me in the barn when he had climbed halfway up the wooden ladder..and there by scaring me to death.

"tea in a cup": tea..in a cup.

" a nice hot,warm, bath": how he asks for a bath now.

"change mine diaper please momma"

He uses "Mine" quite a bit, and it sounds very shakesperean and cute.
He is very empathetic.He sees a sad baby or person, and says"oh,baby sad"..need momma milk"( momma milk fixes everything!)
Last week he recited jack and Jill..it was amazing and I still cannot get over it.I am so proud.... Here is his version:

Jack an Jill Go Up a hill
To fetch pail water
Jack fall down and bump him crown...

and jill evidently never comes down...unless I ask,,then "jill tumble after".

He has a rythem to the poem and that makes it even cuter to.

like: ba dum..ba dum..

If you ask him if he wants to go somewhere, he either says yes and tells you where he wants to go as well, or say"no,stay home in pauls little house".

Sometimes in the car he burts out singing" Eee-I-Eee-I-Oh, moo moo here"and thats his song,

yesterday hey did "this little piggy on his baby dolls feeet.i was astounded.he did leave out the raost beef part, so he looked at me like"what am I missing here" so I said it, and he did it all over again.

Somedays he tells me he wats to go to church.Or school .He has also been telling me"i a big boy". sob sob.

I really enjoy this age.I love the things he thinks of and comes up with.everyday it is something new and sweet.I also get sad because he is growing up so fast......and I want to hang on to this as long as possible.
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My daughter turned 3 a week and a half ago.

Breasts = nurses (though she is starting to use the word breast as well)

Bang bang = hammer (she insists we are wrong, the correct name is, in fact, a bang bang)
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