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nursing twins becoming bothersome

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The twins are 16 1/2 months old and Alex is down to nursing only when he wakes up and Emily nurses when she wakes and about twice at night. Nursing them has been so enjoyable until they were a little over the age of one. It feels uncomfortable and I find myself wanting the nursing to end. I don't feel confident that one nursing a day is providing them with anything nutritious. I don't know what to do at this point and want to stop. Anyone else have similar feelings and how did you handle it?
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As long as they are getting bm there is a nurtitional/antibody benefit. I plan on nursing my twins as long as they want since I know they will be my last, but that could change as our bf relationship changes. My oldest son went for several months just nursing at night and I know at the end it was just a comfort thing but that was fine with me. What if you just night weaned? I know that the nighttime nursing sessions bother me the most. A full 8 hours straight feels like a weeks vacation ! I would be really sure I was totally ready to be through before I completely weaned them because it's hard to go back, kwim?
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According to the references/links at http://www.kellymom.com
human milk in the second year of life is still a valuable source of (healthy) fats associated with higher IQs, protein, calcium, and vitamins such as folic acid, vitamins A, B12, and C. And yes the immune benefits continue as long as you nurse.

This ambivalence is very typical of moms nursing toddlers, have you read How Weaning Happens or Mothering Your Nursing Toddler or Mothering Multiples?

Oh and may I say great big congrats on nursing twins for a year! I bow to you!

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I started to feel the same way about the same time-Matt nursed once a day for 15 months or so! But Sam still did it 3-6 times, mostly at night. My feelings about it went up and down-often associated with my menstrual cycle. One caveat-when I did night wean Sam at 28 months, he completely weaned in about another week-so make sure thats what you want to do!
Congrats on making it so long, and good luck!
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It is veryt commmon to start getting antsey right after the first birthday. is there something that would make you feel better about nursing? Is there something you could change? It is OK to set limits with nursing. You all have to be happy with the situation for it to work. if there is nothing that will make it better for you then it is OK to quit too. pat yourself on the back but 17 months, especially with twins is no small accomplishment. You have done a great thing for your children and have given them a precious gift. You can be proud of what you have done for them
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The one thing that I would change if I could would be no teeth. Alex has a really bad habit of almost chewing on me while nursing. I don't know how to communicate to him that this hurts. I don't mind the night nursing because I am half asleep and I don't feel as stressed. I am more worried that at this point they are not getting the benefits that they need. I know I have read and have been told that even nursing once a day has great benefits, but what if there is no milk? How do I know they are getting anything at all? I wonder if I am just a habit hard to break. I really wanted to make it to at least 2, and somehow feel I have failed since they have dropped thier nursing drastically. What if both go to nursing only once a day? Is this enough? I do have the book how to mother your nursing toddler. Very informative, but not exactly what I need at this point. Thanks for all the kind words!
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My oldest nursed only once a day for several months and I wondered the same thing. At the end it was only for 5-10 minutes before bed. He got sick for the first time about one month after I weaned him. I can't prove it, but I think the nursing is what kept him from getting sick for so long. He also started to chew on me sometimes and I would always end the session when that happened saying something like "OUCH! That hurts mommy!". If he still seemed to want to nurse I would wait a few minutes and try again, always repeating why I stopped him and how much it hurt mommy. This was always more of a problem when he was sleepy. If you notice the same pattern try making sure he is wide awake before nursing. If it still doesn't seem to be working and weaning seems to be the way to go, don't beat yourself up about it. All those months of nursing count for a lot!
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Even if there is no milk (and there probably is at least a little - at least for whoever nurses first )they are recieving emotional benefits. I think both of my girls were down to two short nursings a day by 16-18 months and I weaned them around 2 (madeline 22 months and Lilyka when my milk dried up during preg. and she was 26 months). They also had the benifit of a gradual weaning which i think helped make the transition easier.

Sorry about that teeth thing. Nothing you can do there. dd#2 bit me all the time (not just while nursing but since her teeth were there a lot my nipple turned into her favorite target : ) and if she bit while nursing that was it untill my nipples felt like going near her teeth again Sometimes it was five minutes sometimes it was all day if she injured both of them.

You haven't failed. Not all children want to nurse untill they are 4. Not all children want to nurse until they are two. How many people can you name off the top of your head that didn't nurse one child untill the were 6 months? You have given abundantly to your children and you should feel nothing but pride regardless of what you decide.
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