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Back pain after waking up...

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I'm starting to wake up with lower back pain. I sleep mostly on my back or side, but often wake up on my stomach too :

My stomach is getting much bigger, so I'm hoping the stomach sleeping will stop on its on. I have no control over it...I toss and turn all night long!

Does anyone else wake up with lower back pain? Any advice? I've been thinking about getting one of those body pillows, but with how much I toss and turn, I'm afraid it will end up on the floor!

Any other tosser and turners? Any solutions to staying in one position?

Thanks mamas!
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I'm a BIG tosser/turner. I have a body pillow, but haven't been using it. I just started using it again a few days ago because the back pain I have in the morning is unbearable. I'd definitely suggest getting a body pillow. It has made a bit of a difference. My midwife also suggested stretching every morning with the cat/bear possition (I think that's what she called it). That's when you get down on all fours, and raise your back up like a cat and then arc it down. She told me to do it for 5 to 10 minutes a day, and it would make a world of difference. Of course, being the lazy, pregnant mother of 2.5 year old toddler, I haven't been doing it every day. The days I do the stretches though are so much better than the days I don't. I hope that helps you out. Let me know if it does. I'm interested to find out if it helps others who toss and turn like me.
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mum2be, you're too funny. I wouldn't worry about sleeping on your belly. That little one of yours is so cushioned by water and mama fat you won't squish it at this point. With dd#1 I spelt on my belly til I was 8 mos along (I propped one side up on a body pillow, so I wasn't flat). With dd#2 it only lasted until about 6 mos, then I had to sleep sitting. My last month with her I spent most nights sleeping on my belly on the couch with my belly between cushions. Quite comfy...

I just wish we were still allowed to sleep on our backs. That's the only way I'm comfortable right now.
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Yup, I'm pretty sure the belly sleeping thing is a myth, the little one is very coushioned in there, and it's not like 100 lbs are on top of it, just however much the portion of your body weighs that is above it (does that make sense?). I don't toss and turn to aweful much, but I'm also a tummy sleeper. If my 190-pound hubby was to sit on my stomach, there might be a problem, but I think tummy sleeping is just fine

Is your bed really hard? We have a futon thing in our living room that after watching a movie on that my pelvis is all out of wack for a while, but my bed is fine. I think out ligaments are way more stretchy now so stuff can get out of wack eaisy. I just walk/hobble around for a minute after getting up and am fine...

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Thanks mamas! I'm glad to know tummy sleeping is okay. What a relief!

So back sleeping is NOT good though? I didn't know that

myhoneyswife-Our bed is nice and hard, but when we move next week, we will be sleeping on a futon...Hopefully it will be okay. The mattress on it is pretty stiff. We're downsizing from a 12 room huge house, to a 4 room small house (but it's solar!) and our bed doesn't even fit in one of the bedrooms!
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I actually like softer better...

Back sleeping supposely can cause baby to rest on your aorta and/or venacava, which will cut off blood supply. It's my opinion that I'll wake up if my blood supply is cut off (it would cut off to me, the baby a little, but me mostly as those are my 2 major blood vessles) and roll over, so I don't worry about sleeping on my back either

I tried to do a search for you, google only came up with mainstream websites, which piss me off so I refuse to look at them , and MDC's search function in the pregnancy forum isn't working... I'll try again later and see what I can find

(it's thoroughly amusing to me that to get into the pregnancy forum now you have to go through pregnancy and nursing wear, which both feature mothers with absoutely no clothing on whatsoever at the top. How naked mommas are models for pregnancy clothing and nursingwear, I don't know... )
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My midwife told me the other day that by the time the baby is heavy enough to make back sleeping problematic, it'll FEEL awful to sleep on my back, and until then, don't worry about it. I believe her. I don't go out of my way to sleep on my back but I don't sweat it.

I second the stretches recommended above. I wake up with sore lower back sometimes too -- those help. And yoga. ahhhhh.
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see, I'd been told both times before that after 16 weeks you should never lie on your back, although with both my girls I woke up from time to time on my back and was just fine. I did have tingling in my feet once, but I think I was about 8 months. I usually try to get comfortable other ways first. I have found that I can't sleep on my side when pregnant unless I have a pillow under my waist to support my spine. I have a foot difference (when not pregnant) between my waist and hips, so when you have a pregnant belly pulling down on an area with no support it just causes pain. If I have a pillow under my waist/side, 2-3 between my knees and a body pillow the length of my back I'm usually rather comfortable. Have I mentioned how much my husband likes pregnancy sleeping...lol I got 5 more pillows last week so he could have one too. Of course, my dd decided she liked the new buckwheat pillow better than hers, and traded me all of hers for it too. I've also tried memory foam and feather pillows with my new stash. I like the down the best for my head, but the memory foam is awesome for propping up on my back at night. It doesn't give you any of those uncomfortable uneven lumps in your back that make you wake up with back pain.

Hope y'all are able to find some comfort at night. Last night was aweful for me, but I slept great today...almost all day
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I'm not comfortable sleeping yet either. Since I had a collision with a bicycle I lie on my back as my osteopath recommended it over stomack sleeping for spinal support and it does feel better. I was a big belly sleeper before children and still often fall asleep that way and turn over later.

As Mimi said I am now uncomfortable on my back but in going from side to side I end up wakingup stiff too. I do the cat then do it a bit snakey too then get up and roll my pelvis around which eases ita bit.

Our bed is latex and I have a spelt pillow so i don't think its anything other than weight in different places - only how many more weeks to go?

Where's my hammock? Love that thing for sleeping in.
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