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I crashed down the stairs!!

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Okay, so we got this huge snow storm in Michigan on Sat night and Sunday I was walking down my back steps and CRASH!!! Landed right on my butt! I think I pulled out my arm pretty bad, and I have a nice purple mark on my butt cheek, but the baby has been moving and I have felt now pain in my tummy or lower back. JUST MY ARM!! I am very non-invasive when it comes to this pregnancy and have done no u/s or dopplers, I feel like the baby would give me signs if it was in distress. My sister just called me freaking out at me : Saying I need to go to the hospital, I need to call my doc! So ladies, what should I do? I don't want an u/s and I really dont want to go to the doc for them to send me home saying I am fine- because I know I am!
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I wouldn't worry.. If you started not feeling the baby after you fell that would be something else.. I took a header down the stairs this week end too.. Well not a header, i slipped on something the boys (2 &4) threw out of their room down the stairs, and slammed my head against the wall followed by my shoulder.. I didn't have a bump or a concusion, although i am nicely bruised on my shoulder and foot..

Tell you ob or mw when you see them next so they know, but i wouldn't worry about it...

Warm Squishy Feelings...
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As long as you still feel movement, aren't bleeding and aren't in pain, I am sure you are fine.

My mom tripped on a bad sidewalk when she was pg with my sister and landed smack on her belly. She weighed about 230 or at the time. I was scared. My sister responded with a good kick, you could see the footprint. All was fine.
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I agree with the above.

I had a fall down stairs with two of my pregnancies! I was hurt but the babies were very well cushioned.
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Angela, we live in MI too. During the last snaowfall, I slipped and fell in my mom's driveway. I hurt my hip pretty bad but the baby seemed fine. I mentioned it to my MW and she said not to worry. As someone mentioned before, if you noticed less movement, or were bleeding, then I would look into it. I was in a pretty bad car accident at 29 weeks with my last pg. I was using an OB that time and I had to go to the hospital and be on a moniter for 3 hours. They wouldn't even let me have anything to eat and I had not had breakfast yet. Not even saltines! By the time we left it was 2:00 and I drove straight to McDonalds. Not my first choice but I was starving!!
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Hi Angela,

Just wanted to add my experience to help. My ds was due the end of Feb. and I slipped on some dreaded black ice on the back stairs of my parents the second week of January. I slipped down all six, landed on my knee, then my hip, and then my stomach. Dh, who was trying to help, slipped as well and landed on top of me. I can laugh now, but at the time I was a mess.

I was fine. He kicked a couple times, but that wasn't unusual. My mw (I had a home birth with him) said if I experienced cramps or bleeding, then we'd go from there, but nothing ever happened.

In fact, ds liked it in there so much, he decided to stay in an extra ten days.

Good luck to you, with your birth!
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Thanks Ladies,

DP has been saying for months that all women fall during pg. So he said I just had to get mine!!! He said that you have to fall during 6-9 months it is just the facts!!

My arm still hurts, but I am still living.

Thanks again-
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If you are concerned about the fall, I would maybe see a good chiropractor... sounds like baby is fine, but if it were me my concern would be that I was still alligned correctly. If you got out of whack in the fall, it could make you pretty sore, especially as baby gets bigger. Just my two cents... I know when I fell and bruised my tailbone (landed on my arse so I knew baby was OK) my first thoughts were wether or not that would mess with my plans for a natural birth, but my chiro said I was fine.

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I agree whole-heartedly with XM. I have fallen 3 times so far with this pregnancy, the latest being this weekend. Everytime flat on my heiny!! I am in love with my chiropractor and massage therapist!!!
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