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Help me use up rice?

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I'm working on my meal planning and seem to have mastered a few meals a week. I've planned Italian seasoned chicken, green beans and rice for dinner tonight. Tomorrow I want to use the leftover chicken on pizza. Friday's breakfast for dinner.

What can I do with the leftover rice from tonight?? No one will eat it for breakfast (i.e. w/ milk and cinnamon) except me maybe. What else do you suggest?
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We make rice burritos. I put the leftover rice, a can of beans, and some salsa (sometimes cheese) into whole wheat tortillas. Or we just skip the tortillas and do the beans and rice.
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You can add it o bread if I have small quantities left (like 75/100 grammes) thats what I do or you can always freeze it
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Fried rice! Saute some onions in oil, then add a couple of eggs and scramble, then add the leftover rice and some frozen peas and carrots, some soy sauce to taste and a bit of sesame oil if you want. Stir until nice and hot and cooked throughout! Very yummy and nutritious!
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Thanks for the suggestions! Now I have a plan.
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I use lemon pepper flaovred rice (just add lemon pepper to the water when it's cooking) instead of bread crumbs in my greek meatloaf. Very yummy!!
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freeze it...

In college, one of my fav meals was rice, cheese and salsa..... yum!
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How do you thaw frozen rice?

Do you just let it sit out? Do you re-steam it? Just curious!

I annouced that we are having fried rice for dinner tonight (leftover chicken, leftover rice, leftover veggies. . .). It was met with a resounding, "Ewww." :

Guess that's what you get when you leave all the cooking to one person. Ha!
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Posted this in the April Pantry Challenge yesterday to help someone use up tomato soup, but it includes rice, too. It's an old family favorite.


Eat meat? My mom makes a killer pork chop recipe with tomato soup and rice. She sautes onion and garlic and celery hearts in olive oil with salt and pepper to taste, adds the soup to soak up all the brown bits, turns off heat. Makes rice (not instant, you want it firmer...we use brown rice), adds that to the pot. Then, she salts and peppers the cheap, bone in chops (maybe a little garlic powder, too) and browns them quickly. Then, gets out a family sized brownie pan puts in a layer of the chops, layer of soup stuff, layer of meat, layer of soup stuff, until she ends with the soup stuff on top. Bakes an hour or so on 350. Comfort food, doesn't really taste like the soup at all!

I later added that my mom said that I told her the wrong way to make it, that MOM makes it by sauteing the chops WITH the onions, etc., then uses the soup to get up the brown bits and does everything else the same way. I like it my way, too. Whichever suits you...I loved it her way, just made it the best way I could from memory and thought it tasted like mom's recipe, so did it my way. Mom says one of the plusses of her way is one fewer step, which I completely understand, the other is that the chops taste more celery-ish, which she loves. Anyway, good luck, hope you try it and like it.
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Rice and bean tacos/ burritos. A little salsa in a skillet heated with a can of black beans add a cup of water and when it starts to boil add your rice. The sprinkle cheese if you want and roll it in a flour tortilla. it is so good and a yummy snack.

Fried rice is great, too.

A little milk and cinamon and sugar...
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I find it thaws most easily in the microwave. : You can also wrap it in foil or put it in an oven-safe dish in the oven or toaster oven. Whichever way you do it, be sure to sprinkle a little water on it first to keep it moist.
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