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Odd Sex Dreams

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ok... this is going to be a bit explicit, so if you are offended by sex and such stop here...

I know that sex dreams are all over when you are pg.. I am 19 wks this weds.. I am having problems not feeling anything close to orgasmic when i have sex with dh.. I know he is doing it right, but it's like someone put the switch on down.. Then i go to sleep and i swear to heaven i am having at least one big "O" a night... The only problem is that all my dreams do not involve men, but women.. So, the truth is.. I do like women, but i enjoy men more.. So dh is asking me about my dreams and why i don't want to have sex, and he thinks it's because i am having these dreams every night.. . I don't think so, but it's not like i have an y control over them.. The other thing is that if i am dreaming about sex with a guy it's just about always with dh.. The problem he has is that there are WAY more sex dreams with women.. Now dh is worried i am really a lesbian, and i will eventually leave him for a woman... WHich really isn't an issue, because really I do like women in that way, i just enjoy men SOOOO much more... Sorry probably TMI, but anyone else having this problem, or am i just the fruitloop in this bunch.. :


Warm Squishy Feelings...

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Not dreamin' of the ladies myself, over here, but in general, yeah, I'm having much more lurid thoughts & dreams in general. I have thought about my dreams and have come to the conclusion that for me, it is more about realizing that I am a mama, and I am sexual, and I am attractive--gaining 20 pounds and carrying another human notwithstanding.

Think about WHAT is happening in your dreams, maybe less about who or the gender of who.

FOR example, I dreamt that a guy I had a crush on in high school was sort of resting his head on my lap, looking up at me with an adoring look, and the strange thing was even though the actions were totally non-sexual, I would describe the aura of this moment of the dream AS sexual.

Now, instead of thinking, oh crap, I guess I secretely want to leave my husband and get it on with this dork from high school, I realized that for me, it meant, yeah, in general, men are attracted to women, guys I may have liked are the types of guy that would find me attractive, my motherly belly and breasts ARE also kinda sexy, and a head in my lap completely representative of my nurturing capabilities as a mama, but the man's gaze at me was pretty lusty, so I can be sexy, too--and not just to my dh, but to menfolk in general.

Another take on things--one school of thought on dream interpretation says that the people in our dreams really represent ourselves (unless it's a big-deal peson, like a spouse or child) esp. when it's "a friend in my dream" or "there was this person"

Maybe the chicks in your dreams are YOU, in some way. Again, not a subliminal desire to go out and lez it up!
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hows about this for odd sex partners in my dreams lately- Jack Nicholson 1 nite & Brad Pitt the next! Now, I am not the type to get around like that, really I'm not
PS- they both adored me bcz I was pregnant! TeeHee
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I had one that was so disturbing to me, because of who the partner was, that I am embarrassed to write it now. And I don't get embarassed easily.

Good to know that this is somewhat normal. I mean, I remember it being this way during my last pregnancy, but this is crazy!
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Thanks everyone...

Tineyshoes.. Nope they are definately SEX dreams.. Lots of rubbing and touching and what not...

I had occasional sex dreams with the boys, but this is over the top ridiculous.. Although.. Who can really argue with the "O" you don't have to work for!!!

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I didn't have any sex dreams while pregnant, but HAVE to share this weird dream!

The was a nanny at the time for a little boy who LOVED Rolie Polie Olie. So we watched it every day.

Well, it seeped into my dreams and I had one where Kailey came out looking like grandpappy!!! She had short little legs, a round belly, and a wide hinged mouth! Now hows THAT for weird?!
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Pynki I had a similar dream analyzed once and was told that I was loving myself/aspects of myself in newly discovered ways. I know dreams can be perplexing but I think it is something about yourself, your power to create new life that you find very attractive & a turn on. Power is very sexy. Creation power is orgasmic.
while we are on the subject of weird dreams = i was in the tub with hubby & my 1st love last night. The one strange thing besides being in the bath with them both was my 1st love had frosty lavender eyeshadow on!!! Now that's beyond my interpretation!!!
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Thanks Myrhhmaid & DD.. I needed a good laugh!!!

Warm Squishies..

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Oh yeah weird sexual dreams here... this one is from last night:

I dreamed that I caught my Dh getting oral attention from another woman. So I waited until the next time it happened, from behind the bed, and then somehow "took over" my Dh's mind while this girl was going to town on him. But for some reason I didn't know how to access the feelings from the nerves in his penis... I think because I was a woman and unfamilar with how it worked or some weird reason. Well anyways, I'm starting to feel bad that I can't orgasm for this girl who's orally trying *everything* she can! Now THAT'S a weird dream....

Almost as bad as my dream from years and years ago that I was a man making love to a full sized dragon. Don't ask, I have NO idea where these come from!

I have also been confusing my Dh because I have these sexual dreams, but until this weekend have had NO intrest in sex at all (I think morning sickness is starting to wear off now thank goodness!)... So I can sympathize with you on that side of the issue. I don't have a bit of advice though... aside from it sounds very normal.
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I dreamt I did it with Joey from Friends.

It didn't mean I was preparing to leave DH for Joey. Though after THAT kind of sex, I probably should. Holy crap!

Pregnancy dreams are goooooood.

Do you have to tell DH every time you dream about women? It's only making him unsure of himself and paranoid. Dreams rarely mean when they seem to. Dreaming about death means change. Even dreaming about having a baby means change (your eight-egg dream might mean you're about to meet up with eight significant changes).

Anyway, ENJOY the dreams and maybe tell dh about them less.

Lisa...a full sized dragon. HA! I love it. Hilarious.
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I loved this post! I was laughing so hard. I have been having the big “O” in so many dreams! I had some before I got pregnant but nothing like I have for the last 9 months!! I tell DP and he thinks I am getting it too much in my dreams and that is why I am not real interested in real sex. But, I am totally on the same page of it is a lot better to not work so hard for it! I don’t know whom I am with, usually I can tell it is DP but I don’t see a lot of faces. It wouldn’t surprise me if it was women too, I find the female body so much more attractive then a mans; yet I would rather be with a man. I love DP and would never go any place else, but dreams are harmless and from what we have all experienced can be very fun. DP wouldn’t have a problem if I were dreaming about women though; he doesn’t see women as a threat. He knows he can provide something they can’t, but then again they can provide something he can’t and he knows this. I say keep on dreaming! Keep having the big “O” and wake up with a smile!!!
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My sister always has lesbian dreams when she is pregnant. She says that she knew she had to be pregnant once because she had a lesbian dream, and sure enough she was!

I have weird sex dreams on and off anyway. I have had some dreams where I am masturbating in front of people recently. They aren't very exciting, however, more frenetic where I'm trying to get to the orgasm before someone sees me.
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Here is another perspective...

I have had lotsa crazy dreams myself. Last night, I dreamed that DH was doing it with another women, and that was just a-okay with me (which is so far from reality!).

Anyhow, one reason that I think we might "O" so much during this time is to tone the uterus! Our sex life has been off the charts since I have been feeling good (not nauseated), so I think that is nature's way of prepping the uterus for birth.

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Those wild, wild dreams

I'm new to this forum and my baby is due on September 21. I've also been having very sexual dreams. I dreamt one morning of graphic and explicit sex with my husband and woke up with him kissing me goodbye before going to work. Needless to say, he was a little late that morning The other day I had a dream that was more disturbing.. having sex with my brother-in-law. I told my husband, and he understands that mu pregnant brain is cooking up all these wild dreams. He's cool with it but it was still weird looking at his younger brother (he's 20 and I'm 26) the next day. I had to blush. I told him I was a little shy around him because of a dream I had with him in it. He's very quiet so he just listened. I knew that otherwise I wouldn't have told him. Anyway, let's see what comes next! I see some interesting dreams on this post.
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