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I really need some btdts here.
I'm currently tandem nursing my 23 month old ds (kid #2) and 2 week old dd (my third). My ds has turned into this child I don't recognize...he was a sweet, easygoing baby and easy toddler, and all of a sudden he's changing. I think a lot of this started about two weeks before the baby was born so I can't blame it all on the arrival of a new sibling.

I've tandem nursed before....ds #1 was 2 3/4 when #2 was born, and it was a much easier transition. He did want to nurse a lot, whenever he saw his brother nursing, and I just went with it and he went back to his regular pattern quickly.

For some reason though this time it's really working my nerves that the 2 yo wants to nurse every 15 minutes. He's become whiny, he's suddenly started throwing things, refusing to eat unless he's held in a lap and spoonfed, throwing tantrums, etc. He has just changed overnight!
I am trying to nurse him whenever he wants but find myself resentful which is not right...if I ask him to wait for a couple of seconds while I get his sister latched on, he throws a fit. I've started asking him to "ask nicely for Mimis" and he will sometimes, but mostly has NO patience at all. I try to give him undivided attention when baby is asleep, cuddles, nursing, etc. It doesn't seem to be helping.

I am empathetic that his life has changed and he's been "usurped" but I don't want to tolerate bad behavior either. Suddenly I am at a loss as to how to discipline a mostly pre-verbal toddler! He hasn't been pushed off the breast and is still in the family bed so that should help make the transition easier for him.

Any ideas? TIA.