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Shoes for Baby??

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I forget when you are supposed to get walking shoes for babies. Mine turns 1 next week (sniff sniff) and is cruising along furniture but not standing unsupported or walking yet.

Also--what is the real deal on using hand me down shoes? Can I use ds#1's shoes or am I really supposed to go pay $40 more for new shoes for #2ds??
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I think most people still agree that baby's first steps should be bare foot. I would wait until the summer to put shoes on when he will be outside. And if you were happy with your ds#1's first shoes, I don't know why you couldn't hand them down. They should be nicely broken in!

Happy birthday, Denny!
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I got dd real shoes as soon as she started really walking. I'm glad I did too; she always wants to walk, and we have been to a few indoor places now where I've been thankful that she had hard soles on her feet instead of the leather booties we used for so long!

I refused to spend $40-50 on those Stride Rites. I found perfectly decent Osh Kosh shoes at Penny's for $20.
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my daughter couldnt walk in those clunky shoes they make now, a friend recommended robeez after reading an article about how putting babies in shoes too early is very bad for the feet.

robeez article

on a side note, my daughter started walking on the same day i put these on her feet, coincidence? maybe, but she still wont walk in the "walkers" they sell everywhere. only barefoot and in her robeez :-)
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From what I've been told and what I've read, the longer you can keep kids in the "natural" state (or close thereto) the better for the development of their feet. Robeez have worked very well for us since dd started walking at 10 months. In the winter I have no reason to let her walk outside, so these "slipper-like" shoes work well for us. Outside of home, she (at almost 14 months) is still carried or in the sling. Not sure what we'll do for this upcoming summer. It'll be her first walking.
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I held off for as long as I could before getting 'proper' shoes - she had been walking about 3 months. The recommendations here are once they've been walking for about 4-6 weeks. I love robeez as well and keep them on her feet whenever possible - it's best to let them walk either barefoot or with a minimum of covering for as long as possible.
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i second robeez... i also like shoobdoos they're very similar

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I think "as long as possible" is good. : My son started walking at 9-10 months. I bought him shoes 7 months later for a vacation so he could wear them in the airport etc.

Indoors we still never wear shoes at home or elsewhere. [Is this cultural maybe? I actually thought no one was suppose to?] Outdoors in our back yard if its cold he wears slippers with heavy felt soles. [He's almost 3] Until he was 20 lbs [20 mo?] he was in a sling or stroller or back pack elsewhere in public with slippers or just socks. Since that first pair he only owned one pair of shoes at a time until last fall when we bought him water mocs for a vacation to a rock-barnacle beach.

Hubby owns [and wears] just about as many shoes as our son. I admit to owning dozens of dress shoes and sandals [it's a girl thing for me], but wear sneakers flipflops or slippers Mon Thru Sat unless it's a holiday. We figure Taylor didnt need shoes so why buy them. And we didnt/dont figure he needs many shoes so why buy them. I do think if he was a girl I would [regretfully] be different though if she asked me for dress shoes. Taylor did own/borrow a pair of the most wonderful dress shoes last summer for a wedding. He LOVED them and wanted to wear them ALL the time because they were just like Daddy's work shoes!!

As for new vs used, we only buy one pair at a time so we buy the most we can afford. If *I* wear used shoes *I* get blisters from the ex-toe marks. So if a used pair has toe marks NO WAY would I get them for my son. BUT if there are no toe [or heel] marks then used is such a better price!! As for cheap vs expensive I think that mearly depends on fit [no matter what shoes must fit properly or they will cause trouble sooner or later] and if I can find a cheap pair that fits I will buy it [of course] but if I dont find one I eventually go to the kid shoe store at the mall and buy what ever does fit. Only caveat to that is durability. Now that he is 3 he is MUCH harder on shoes. We bought a cheaper pair last time and he actually wore them out before he out grew them?!?! So I do think we are going to have to rethink this... 1 pair $40 vs 2-3 pair $20 maybe expensive IS better in that case?
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I think ds will be a teenager before we buy him anything else, lol. Seriously, I want a pair. They look SO comfy and I don't feel like I need to get them off his feet the minute we hit the door. He also doesn't trip or stumble in them like in regular shoes. They are AWESOME and really cute.
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Thanks, everyone!

Oh wow! The Robeez are so adorable--I can't wait to try a pair now! How do you measure the baby's feet, though, to determing the size?
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Yep, we use Robeez too. I did buy a few pairs of Stride Rite shoes though, becaue they were much more flexible than the cheaper brands. We use these if it is rainy, muddy, or something like that. But soft soled shoes are supposed to be the best for their feet for the first couple of years. Not only are they good for his feet, but he trips a lot less wearing Robeez than harder soled shoes.

Robeez ran big on my ds, but then so did most clothing. For instance, he is 21 months, and is just starting to grow out of the 12-18 month size. Our next Robeez purchase will be the 18-24 month.

Maybe check their website and see if they have a size chart? I found them in some of the specialty baby stores in my area, so haven't bought them on line yet.

I have also heard good things about Bobux and Softstar, but haven't tried them myself.
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I love my Robeez too! DS likes to try and put them on as well.

Do you know I was asked this weekend when I planned on putting some "real shoes" on my son? I explained he WAS wearing real shoes - babies should not wear hard soled shoes since it impedes foot growth and development.

Honestly, its hard being the PSA for mindful parenting all the darn time! But I love to show off my son's Robeez generally!
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once your child is walking well enough to walk outside, I would have one pair they can wear in the wet...even sneakers or something. I have one "outdoor" pair, and the rest are robeez...and we wear those outside as long as it's not cold, wet, gravel, etc. I got winter hiking-boot-like osh-kosh shoes at Kohl's and decent sneakers at target - but some of the Target shoes didn't look good.
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For outdoor shoes, consider Soft Star Shoes . We recently bought a pair for Jackson because his Robeez couldn't handle outdoor wear in the winter and he hated the 'real' shoes I bought him. Soft Stars are well made, beautiful, soft and comfortable and they have rubber soles. I will be buying more!!
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DD still wears RObeez at 18 mo. And my doctor keeps her kids bearfoot all summer and in the house too. But with robeez they don't slip too much like they would in socks. And they last forever and you know when they've outgrown them.
But lately she has been loving her rainboots and wants to wear only them. Who am I to say whether that is good or not... I let her.
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Another vote for Robeez and Soft Stars. We love them!
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I think the robeez are so cute and will buy a pair for babe #2. DD only wears shoes when we go out- right now I don't even have any that fit her (well boots for outdoors) I'm waiting til I can take her out and then will buy a new pair. My grandma always hated that I didn't put shoes on her! She insits on them wearing them all day long, ugh!
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Another vote for Robeez! We love them.
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Just had to chim in on the Robeez!

I love them... I purchaed all mine online (live in the boonies) and they do have a measurement guide on the site....

I was wondering about out door shoes (when its wet) so I'll have to check out the Soft Star's.

Also just wanted to say that I get lots of comments (nice ones) on dd's Robeez...at a hockey game the lady next to us asked a bunch of questions about them then asked if they came in size 9.....guess I didn't specify they were for kids....

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I like Robeez for indoor shoes, but if you want something more substantial for outside, I would recommend elefanten shoes. They are made incredibly well and are very easy for little feet to naviagate and grow in. They are quite pricey in the stores, but I found two web sites that often have them marked down substantially. One site is www.sierratradingpost.com and the other is www.kidstockmontana.com.
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