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I got shoes for DD as soon as she started walking. She isn't the type of kiddo who likes to just ride along in a stroller or sling, she wants to walk!

So, we looked and looked for the "perfect" shoe for outdoor wear (it's rainy here and leather just won't work for us) so finally we went to Nordstrom (not a usual thing for us, usually too pricey) but they have a 3 mo guarantee that if your child outgrows the shoes in that time they will replace them with a bigger size for free. Or if your child wears them out in 3 mo they will replace them. Can't beat that with fast growing feet of babes!

Plus the stride Rites were only $30, and Robeez are $22 or so, it's not that much more, and my DD can wear them outside with wet ground and not get soggy feet.
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my son preferred the platypaws suede wrapz (&we found them easier to put on him)

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Here's where I get my Robeez...


HTH some of you who love these shoes!

Robeez has a new policy though that is making it difficult to find their shoes unless you buy direct from them or from an actual specialty store.
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We're going to keep dd in Robeez for as long as possible, but they are neither waterproof nor warm. Bought her some Stride Rites yesterday. These are the only flexible soles shoes that would fit her, as she has extra wide feet. They are nice shoes and very flexible; even when trying them on for the first time (after only beeing in bare/sock or robeez feet) she was walking in a manner that her foot was bending rather than with the frankenstein clomp you see with so many kids in those horrible thick/stiff soled shoes.

She cannot fit into Soft Stars (much to my chagrin 'cause they are almost a local product), and there were only Elefantin sandles and "hiking" boots at the Nordstroms we visited... so don't know about those.
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