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I posted this in TTC subforum, but thought it might work better on the main board. Thanks for any help.

Once upon a time, I read TCOYF in hopes of trying NFP. It was a long time ago and I never started doing it, so I only remember bits and pieces. My cycle is usually 28 days, sometimes more, sometimes less, but usually right on 28 days. I always thought that meant I would O on day 14, but from what I remember, that's not necessarily true.

I had an IUD that slipped out of place. I didn't know until after dh and I were 'together' on CD 9. Earlier in the day, I noticed fluid that was 'egg white-y' and didn't think much of it, since I had the IUD. Well, if IUD isn't in place, it isn't effective b/c, of course. Now, assuming I do O on day 14 and we were together on day 9, there is a possibility, esp from the discharge I saw. Of course, it's possible the fluid was just irritiation from an out of place IUD.

So, long story short, any anectodal info about getting pg from sex on day 9?

After IUD was officially removed, I have the BCP, but can't start it until after my next period, just to make sure I'm not pg. I can't test for another week at the earliest and I can't change the results, either way.

I'm just trying to find a way to pass the time until I know for sure one way or the other.