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Craving Junk

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For the past week or so I've been craving junk food. : Chocolate (which I don't really consider junk food well..it depends on what kind of chocolate), chips, wilds oats natural cola, ice cream...you name it - I crave it.

Anyone else experiencing these kind of cravings? Could I possibly be the ONLY one?! Why am I craving junk?? : I feel guilty. I mean, I'm still eating what I regularly do...I'm just wanting chocolate and stuff more. KWIM? But WHY? I feel like such a junk food junkie. I've been having more chocolate than usual and wild oats natural cola (which I NEVER drink but I don't feel as bad to have a little since it has no HFCS in it). The main chip craving is cheesy puffs. I bought a bag last week and got some plain potato chips a couple days ago. I buy organic so it's not "as bad" but still. I feel guilty cuz we NEVER have chips or soda in the house. What's up w/ me?!
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I am with you Mama..

I am 36 weeks along and just wanting wanting and wanting JUNK...nad having the Easter candy in the house isn't helping...

I know I should be reaching for the grapes,oranges,banannas,and etc but I find mysekf getting out another piece of chocolate or some pringles..I even had root beer with dinner...

AHHH!!!...The madness of it all...

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I am so with you on this one! Chocolate & more chocolate! I think it is helping moderate my mood swings How is that for rationalization!

Enjoy these last few weeks is what I think!

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OMG, seriously!!! Ice cream and popsicles... it's SO HOT here!

The chocolate ganache torte my DH made for Passover is *really* yummy, too I've only been eating a small sliver a day, which I think is doing really well
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My vice is those little chocolate hostess cupcakes with the white swirl on top. I think I eat like 8 per week. I figure I might as well enjoy it now, as I'm not going to buy any more after Niblett is born. Mmmmm chocolaty cuppie-cakes.....
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Sooo embarassing. For me it's Doritos :. I can only find small bags here, and I usually buy 1 a week and eat it in one sitting.

And last week I went to lunch at an American diner here and had a bacon cheeseburger with fries and a Dr Pepper. : : : My only excuse is that it's been 1.5 years since I last ate a real American-style burger. And we normally eat SO HEALTHY (well, except for my secret Doritos fetish).

Oh, and I don't consider my 2 dark chocolate squares per day to be junk food. That's my all-natural Prozac. My milk chocolate squares after lunch, on the other hand.... :
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Do you know how many chocolate ice cream pops I've eaten in the last month? : Now, granted, they're Whole Foods ORGANIC fudge pops, but still.

I've been eating a lot more junk the past few weeks--especially stuff in the ice cream category and even some Krispy Kremes (eek!). I'm trying to eat it on top of--instead of in place of--the healthy stuff, but it doesn't always work. In addition to the junk, I'm eating tons of fruit, as usual (as well as stuff like cereal and yogurt), so I'm sure this babe is permanently hopped up on sugars. Maybe that explains why she's so active?
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Yikes! Same here on the popsicle/ice cream kick. I'm a sugar fiend.

I've never been a huge popsicle fan but I ate 4 of the those wide Edy's whole fruit bars at my mom's last weekend...I would have kept going if we hadn't run out! And of course there was a deal on Ben and Jerry's (3 for $5!) at Stop and Shop so how could I resist? Being the good bargain shopper that I am, I'm planning on going and buying three more! Off to my midwife appt. to check my weight gain!
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I go in spurts. One minute I'm munching baby carrots and craving fresh strawberries and the next minute I'm at the store buying some awful Pillsbury product. :

It's embarrassing!
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Originally Posted by NYCVeg
Do you know how many chocolate ice cream pops I've eaten in the last month? : Now, granted, they're Whole Foods ORGANIC fudge pops, but still.
chocolate ice cream pops sound sooo good!

I went on a fruit bar (popsicle) kick for at least a month. Fruit bars, yogurt, and chocolate are my biggest cravings. I think I'm finally over my "need" for yogurt. It's funny, I was the same way when I was pg w/ dd. I HAD to have at least ONE yogurt a day for pretty much the whole pg. Maybe it's cuz I'm towards the end of pg that I don't really crave it anymore. But I ALWAYS crave chocolate.
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What, you mean you haven't been craving this stuff through the whole pregancy, like I have?
I try to balance it out at least...like eating a bunch of baby carrots, some thai pork green bean curry over brown rice, THEN ice-cream.
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I inhaled 2 bags of peanut M&Ms yesterday after I got back from the grocery store. : But I NEEDED them! So what if I had a bag the day before the day before that? Or that other one the previous day...
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Ugh, chocolate.: I am soooo bad! I eat 4-5 pieces of Dove chocolate everyday, and then at night I eat Edy's rocky Road Ice Cream, but hey, at least it's light!! And I just finished off 3 Subway double chocolate chip cookies, and will probably head upstairs to eat the last one....
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you guys are making me hungry.

I have been craving the worst of the worst. I mean, I have a fridge full of organic pre-cut veggies. So, you ask, what did I have for lunch?

Betty Crocker Roasted Garlic instant mashed potatoes.
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I binged at Easter and then decided to more or less cut out the junk... the thing that is keeping me motivated is imagining that all that sugar is just going to fatten this baby up in the last few weeks. My midwives already think its' going to be a 9-10 pounder and envisioning delivering a large baby helps that craving simmer down!! My dd was only 7.5 so i'm a little bit nervous about having a really big baby. I think overall i have been way healthier this pregnancy than last but still... i want that baby to fatten up on breastmilk, not ice cream!!

Lest you think i'm all nuts, i'm making dh stay away from the left over Cadbury Mini Eggs from easter (my favorite!!) so i can eat them after the baby's born, and my early labor project is going to be baking a chocolate birthday cake
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-- you all are hilarious -- sorry, I'm lurking from the June DDC but I saw this thread and can soooooooo relate.

French fries... mmmmm.... milkshakes.... mmmm.... chocolate eggs..... mmmmm...

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