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no crawling or walking at 16 mos?

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I think everything is fine and there is nothing to worry about but
a friend's baby is only butt scooting at 16 months. Her dr says he "likes to see them walking by now" which sounds ominous and they are talking about visiting a PT. What do y'all think? Cause for concern? She seem normal to me, but she is less developed than my dd who is only 2 weeks older.
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if she's scooting that seems fine...and early intervention evaluation can't hurt, they'll suggest some activities maybe. They'll probably say it's fine...
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Is there any other area that she is considered "behind" in? I have heard of babies that prefer the "scoot" method and go straight from that to walking. Is she one of those babies that has no reason to walk (always carried, everything of interest within easy reach, etc.). My oldest son started cruising at 9 months and didn't truly walk until 13 months. I think the layout of our living room enabled him to cruise so effectively he didn't feel the need to walk. If I was your friend I would have a very in depth conversation with my ped to see exactly what the concerns are and if I didn't feel comfortable with the answers I'd get a second opinion before seeing the PT. If they see a good PT there shouldn't be any harm in the visit because if everything else is OK they should be able to tell immediately and if intervention is needed it's better to start earlier than later.
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If she's 16 mos and not crawling, I would definately have early intervention take a look at her. The concerns about development can be very serious, as children who aren't able to experience certain kinds of stimulation (due to delays) can miss out on developing neurological connections that will serve them later.
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the state EI program would be free, and if there turned out to be a problem, it would get her on track for services later in school. they do home visits in many states. In case their insurance doesn't fully cover private PT. They do an eval of all her development, while PT would jsut be motor, as I understand EI.
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all i know is what i have seen in my familiy and among my friends children but not crawling or standing or trying to cruise at 16 months doesnt seem normal to me. but then i dont know what "normal" is or whats average... i believe all children do things in their own time but an evaluation wouldnt hurt.
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My nephew was a butt scooter who didn't walk until 18 months, never crawled at all. He now is 9 and has some motor and cognitive delays and one holistic practitioner told my sister-in-law that the two handed motion back and forth in crawling is a critical activity, and that not having had the experience may be part of his current problems. He is getting alot of pt and alternative therapies that have helped. he's a great, very bright kid who will do fine, but mys s-i-l really believes some of it is linked to the not crawling.
If it were a friend of mine I would support an evaluation.
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I have also read and heard a lot about babies not crawling. It is a cross-lateral movement and that same movement develops speech and reading skills. We do a lot of cross lateral exercises with my son. Touch his left foot to his right hand etc... There are some developmentally delayed people that never crawled but I don't think that that is true of every baby that doesn't crawl. I think that I would be starting to get a little concerned but then I am a bit paranoid....so I don't know!!!
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My oldest dd never walked until she was 18 months. She never crawled really either. Like, maybe twice. She went straight to walking and previously had been carried if she needed to go somewhere. But, I am also of the mind, "better safe, than sorry". It can't hurt to have a free evaluation just to put one's mind at ease.
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