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Help...I'm in pain!!

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Hi There...

This is my first time posting on this board... I've only posted on the diapering so far. I need some help with pelvic pain.

I'm 37w4d pg and for the last 3 days I have been dealing with unbearable pelvic pain..I can barely walk and today I can't even lift my right leg to walk..I'm shuffling my way around. My dr. told me to soak in the tub which I have been doing..It feels great while I'm in the tub but as soon as I get out I'm back to where I started. I have a 3yr old and can't sit in the tub all day!!

I have a high tolerance for pain but it's getting to where I'm in tears because I can't do anything but sit on the couch..

I go in on 3/06 for a c-section but I can't imagine going 10 more days with this pain..Does anyone have any ideas what I can do for relief?? I put a call into the dr. but I thought I'd try you guys!!

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Where is the pain, exactly?

My first thought was whether your baby has "dropped," if you're carrying lower than you had been, and your preparing-for-labor hormone, Relaxin, could be allowing your pelvic bones to separate a bit in front?

Have you had this pain before, during or after your first delivery?
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Doesn't sound like the same thing but a friend of mine had terrible back pain during her second pregnancy - came on without warning. She had not been drinking enough water. I told her to drink a lot for 24 hours and go see the doc if that didn't help. She called me the next day saying it was a miracle! She had been in terrible pain and it just went away when she drank enough water. I think she was dehydrated and her body was having trouble making enough amniotic fluid. Do we replenish that or am I just making up a theory here... Couldn't hurt. Drink a big glass every couple of hours and see how it goes. I feel for you - good luck.
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Hmmm...I had that...the day before I went into labor. Dunno if it that is the same type of pain you are having...but that's how mine was...
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Could it be sciatica? I had this when I was pregnant, but quite a bit earlier in the pregancy. What helped me was a trip to the osteopath. Others find chiropractic helpful. Oh, and acupuncture provided temporary pain relief.
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Weekly chiropractic appts at the end of my last pregnancy were the only way I was able to walk around (and run after my older kids....).

Good luck!
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I had unbearable pelvic pain like that. i htought I was in for a sucky 5 weeks and had my baby that afternoon. I was 37 weeks. It had hurt pretty bad for a few weeks leading up to it and was simply unbearable the morning I had her.
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