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Colloidal silver for ear and eye infection

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I took my Dd to the doctor who says she has an ear and eye infection. Her ear does hurt and her eyes are oozing green goo. The doctor wants her on antibiotics. I am going to try collodial silver. For those who use it, like Village Mama, how would you use it.

I have the Sovereign Silver brand and gave her 1/2 dropper orally, 1 drop in each eye and some drops in her ear. Is this the correct amount and how often? When should I expect improvement?
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I have never heard of this but I would be interested to know more also. I have tried this herbal ear oil for myself. I used to get ear infections a lot but have not had one since I tried this for the last couple years ago. It works great.
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I haven't used colloidal silver but I recently saw a CNN story about a woman who had received colloidal silver treatment as a child. As a result of the treatment her skin changed color permanently. She now has a silvery/grayish tinge to her skin - almost like a corpse. Just wanted to mention it.
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I know that this doesn't answer your post, and I'm so sorry, but I'm also concerned:

"Animal studies have shown that silver builds up in the tissues of the body. In humans, buildup of silver from colloidal silver can lead to a side effect called argyria. It causes a bluish-gray discoloration of the skin, other organs, deep tissues, nails, and gums. Argyria cannot be treated or reversed, and it is permanent. While it is not known how argyria occurs, it is thought that silver combines with protein, forming complexes that deposit in the skin and are processed by sunlight (as in traditional photography). Other side effects from using colloidal silver products may include neurologic problems (such as seizures), kidney damage, stomach distress, headaches, fatigue, and skin irritation. " http://nccam.nih.gov/health/alerts/silver/index.htm

There are safe herbal alternatives to antibiotics if you want to try them with your daughter, and homeopathics also have no side effects.
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I have used CS as a topical treatment only for pesky superficial skin infections, like an occasional zit from hell.
I have always used a rather light concentration, and just rubbed it in or let it dry on the surface.
It has worked well for this.
I do not recommend drinking it.
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It's fine for drops in the eyes and ears. I personally like onion juice better for the ears though... Sovereign Silver is a great brand. I choose to dilute it for the eyes, but you don't need to. I do not take it orally, but there is a link here somewhere about that new story...she wasn't using colloidal silver and was drinking it it LARGE amounts. It wasn't that long ago that someone posted the correct info. It is safe to take orally in small doses as an antibiotic-I personally just wouldn't use it as a daily supplement (which some do.)
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If taken orally, you should not exceed 2tsp per day for an adult or 1tsp per day for a child.

I have taken it orally for years using this guideline and I still have my rosy complexion.

Topically, there shouldn't be any concerns because it will get washed off/out.
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I feel confident that it's safe in small dosages for acute use, but what I'm wondering is if anyone has used it instead of antibiotics.
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I am sure you tried breast milk? It worked like a charm on my grandson's eye infection.....
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Originally Posted by Gitti
I am sure you tried breast milk? It worked like a charm on my grandson's eye infection.....
I have never been able to hand express and don't have a pump. I'm wondering why my milk isn't helping her systemically, though. I was sick with this before she was, yet she's just not getting much better.
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OK! Hi!
There have been issues with some people and colloidal silver. Lots of people are now making it themselves... the tests have shown it to be full of bacteria , and unregulated amounts. If you are buying it from the health food store, a reputable brand, you wont be having this problem. Also do a skin patch test... 24 hour. Some people have a reaction to silver. You will be able to tell because the patch will turn grey black where you put it on your skin. My step brother has this.... he also turns anything silver black when he wears it. ( maybe this is why some people turn grey??!!!!)
For ear infections I have always taken the colloidal silver orally. 1/4 tsp for young children per day. 1 t for adults. I use it just like you would use a course of antibiotics... take it for about a week. It has never failed to clear one up. (usingeardrops, if there hasnt been an eardrum rupture of course, can be a good idea as well)
As for the eye infections... I am not a doctor( even though I have been given some really awful advice by doctors before!).... Please... if you feel uneasy about it at all... please dont do it at all!
My partner had the eye infection first, so he tried it on himself. I remember being really weirded out by the idea. He used a drop in each eye. The kids then got it the next week. Awful gunky eyes. He used it in thier eyes and they were better in a day.
If you have any chickweed growing near you, it is great for an eye poultice as well.
Use your mama senses though. I know that it worked for us, but dont know if it would work, or really if it is safe completely for everyone. (eyes are such a sensitive area) I would never do anything I didnt feel comfortable with. I hope someone else comes on to say they have tried it... because it would be irresponsible of me to just say " do it".
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We use it on any form of eye infection-and just yesterday on my 2 y.o. She's fine now!
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Everytime I've used it has been in lieu of antibiotics. I get strep so frequently that antibiotics would wreak havoc on my system. The cs works great and quicker than antibiotics ever did.
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WOW! a lot of pretty good information here.

Think I'll get some CS just for when my dd is out of bm. I would use it in the eye and ear and probably very sparingly orally.

Originally Posted by RubyWild
I have never been able to hand express and don't have a pump. I'm wondering why my milk isn't helping her systemically, though. I was sick with this before she was, yet she's just not getting much better.
I wondered about that too sometimes, why would a child even get an ear/eye infection? and then when the milk is squirted into the ear/eye, it clears up? Just one of those unexplained mysteries. LOL

Anyway, my dd never could get more than two or three drops bm by hand expressing nor more than in ounce with the best pump she could find on the market. That was with the first child. Totally frustrating when she wanted to go out for a an hour or two.

Now the second child, she only pumps for a few minutes and gets a bottle full and she can express it just about the same...

The first child was skinny. Never made it above 5% in wt chart (for what it's worth) and 95% in height. Seemed always hungry, was constantly feeding, on/off the breast all day/night long for six months until he got some table foods.
He is 2 y. now and nice and chubby. Just perfect.

Second child (2 mo.) is fat, fat, fat. 95% in wt and height. And getting fatter every day...
Both had the same mothers milk, excl. bf. Mother has not changed her diet nor eat anything different. As a matter of fact, with the first child she drank all the teas to get more milk and did everything else she read about to increase her supply.

I really believe it all depends on the child's sucking instincts.

OK. That was completely off topic ~

Carry on....
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i went to a "whole child" convention this weekend and one of the speakers was from the company Silver Biotics. Their silver product sounds very promising as an antibiotic and sanitizing alternative with several studies backing it up. according to their literature, it's a different kind of silver that doesn't cause greying of the skin. they gave me some samples and i'm currently using it to treat what i believe is a sinus infection in my 3yo dd. it's only been one day so it's too early to tell (it seems a little better, but i don't want to jump to any conclusions). anyway, check out their website. one of the things it's supposed to be really good for is ear infections (he said both types).

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Just an update to say that my Dd got through the ear infection, pinkeye, and sinus infection without antibiotics. She's actually better than one of her friends who is on a second round of antibiotics for this same virus.
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Hooray! Its hard not to be a believer in the stuff when you see results like that huh?!!!
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