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Stretch marks anyone?

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Anyone have any stretch marks??? OK, I'll be the first to admit it. I have one alongside my hip!!!!!!! EEK!!! I am putting on rose hip oil 2 times a day, but I am not sure if that is going to work out. Unfortunately, most of my weight has been gained in the hip area. I've increased my exercizing in the last few weeks to counteract this. Hopefully, it is helping.
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Stretch marks are mostly due to genetics. Not a ton that we can do to prevent them. Not gaining weight too fast might help (hard to avoid when pregnant though). Many people swear by vitamin E and cocoa butter. Good luck
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I have lots of cellulite & a few stretch marks on my hips from gaining weight over the last 5 years BEFORE I got pregnant (lol!), but things haven't changed since I got pg (I'm 24.5 weeks now). I wonder what's to come...
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So far no stretch marks...I am CRAZY paranoid about them since my stomach was the one part of my body I really liked pre-pregnancy. When do people generally start to get them?
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No, but only because of my genetics (thanks Mom!) - it has nada to do with me.

Summer, they can come at any time... did your Mom get them? That'd be a sign if you will (though not for sure) or not. I have a friend that didn't get them with her first baby but did with her second at the end. I suppose it just is that way sometimes - and while I love stretch-mark-free tummy skin - it's not like that skin will see anyone's eyes but my boys and husband anyways... after having kids I just never go back to the same.

Oh well! All in the pride of motherhood!!
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My mom said she didn't until her 4th but my sister got a LOT with both of hers. But supposedly she takes after my dad's side that way. We will see which side I take after.
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Yeah, I have a twin sister and she's got my Dad's build, skin, etc. (in my opinion) so I think she *may* get some - but who knows. I think she'd be really dissapointed if she did.
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I didn't get stretch marks with dd until 38 or 39 weeks, almost avoided them. This time they started about a week ago but then again I am about as big as I was towards the end with her and I didn't think I was going to be lucky enough to avoid them this time anyway. Oh well, not like it will put a big crimp in my bikini days
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No new ones yet, but it looks like my ones from my pregnancy with dd are a little darker?

I could just be , of course.
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No new ones...just reusing my ones from my first two pregnancies!
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I got NONE with my first pregnancy, then TONS with my second. My midwife says it was probably impossible to avoid because the pregnancies were so close together. I also wonder whether being really big during the dry winter months didn't help the second time. I think I prefer the warmer months to be big strangely enough, because I don't have to wear so many clothes! We'll see what happens this time, though my midwife said that you just get NEW stretch marks, the old ones don't stretch again. :
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Krista, that's so interesting about your 2 pregnancies, seasons, etc... lots of food for thought! I love this anecdotal stuff that a scientist could never randomize or control...
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Originally Posted by maxwill129
No new ones...just reusing my ones from my first two pregnancies!
Me too. Was astonished to notice them all of a sudden in the mirror yesterday. There are A LOT of them.
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None yet...although I have felt this weird skin-popping sensation twinge thing after a big meal when I try to take a deep breath.
Anyone else noticing their lung capacity decreasing? i feel like I can't get a full lung-full, like I'm at high elevation or something, and trying to take take deep belly breaths doesn't help!
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If I sit at the computer slouched forward, I feel like I am slowly suffocating. That's because my little Monkey likes to worm as far north as possible.
I didn't get stretch marks with#1 and I am hoping they won't show up this time either, but I seriously doubt I will escape unscathed. I am bigger this time.
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Ugh... I got stretch marks on my breasts last time, and it seems I will again this time. My breasts are already bigger than they were with DH-I think I'm bigger all over this time around. Oh well.
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When I was pg with ds I only had a couple on the sides of my belly right above my hips. THen he dropped and riiiip I actually sat in front of a full length mirror and watch the pop up it was crazy
With my dd around 7 or 8mths the stratch marks from ds started becoming very visible and widen some. I didn't get any new ones from her though until she dropped.
Now some of the bigger stratch marks are starting to be re-used but a lot of them are still thin and white. I had a lot of stretch marks by the end of my pg with dd so hopefully I can hold off on getting new ones for awhile, but something tells me I won't be able to avoid any news until a baby drops
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I never got them with my first, but we'll see how I do this time. My sweet tooth has gotten the better of me on more than one occasion. Eeek!
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I just notice leeeeeetle white stretch marks on my left hip. YUCK! I have GOT to start eating better and get off my behind.
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I didn't get any last time and so far none this time either. I actually think I may not get any. I'm big to start with and between dd and now I lost a bunch of weight so I had some extra skin to use. My skin is still not tightening up. We'll see what happens as the baby gets bigger but so far so good.
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