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weight gain with twins??

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I started out weighing 145 and am now 177 so i have gained 32 pounds at 23 weeks, i gained 55 pounds with my son, my doctor...who i am very unhappy with says that i have probably gained enough already and that if i stay the same weight for the rest of my preg that would be good. he didnt even really take into account how much i weighed origionally he just was going off how much someone at my height should weigh at the end of preg!! i am seriously considering changing doctors!

how much did you ladies gain? by 25 weeks? full term?
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First of all, I am glad to hear you are considering changing doctors because this one is just plain crazy. One of the worst things you can do in a twin pregnancy is limit weight gain. You need to eat, eat, eat lot's of healthy food! I gained 62 lbs and carried my babies to 40 weeks 1 day. They were 6 lbs 10 oz and 8 lbs 4 oz. Keep in mind that your blood volume increases by more than 80% with a twin pregnancy, not to mention other fluids you are carrying. At 3 weeks post partum I had already lost almost 40 lbs, which tells me that alot of the weight I was carrying was fluid. I think by 25 weeks I had gained at least 25 lbs, maybe more like 30 lbs. I started out at 133 lbs and ended up at 195 lbs.
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I think your doctor is nuts to limit your weight gain at 25 weeks.

By 20 weeks I had gained 40 lbs and I gained 80 or 85 pounds overall (by 39 weeks). My babies were decent size - 7 lbs 4 oz. each.

3 months post partum I was at least 10 pounds below my pre-pregnancy weight and couldn't keep weight on (from nursing two ravenous babes).
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I had gained 20 pounds at 24 weeks and gained 42 pounds by the end (37 weeks) -- not a lot, but I was throwing up every day for the first 24 weeks... So yes -- eat, eat, eat. Eat protein. Drink juice and lots of water. Eat in the middle of the night. It takes A LOT to help those babes grow... and like others... I lost it all quickly. Am about 8 pounds below prepregnancy and that's with eating a ton still because of nursing two hungry babes! Check out Barbara Luke's Having Twins, Triplets and More. She is a great resource for nutrition.
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well all of this is so good to hear and now i am sure i will be changing doctors, the only reason i had this one is because it is the doctor in the midwives office that i had been seeing, also so many people are telling me how great i look so i dont think i am just blowing upwith fat, it totally makes sence to gain weight!!
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Your doc obviously does not know much about twin pregnancy so switching would be a very good idea. I don't know what I weighed at that point but I gained 60 lb total. I had gained 50 lb with my 1st pregnancy so I thought I would gain more than that but I didn't. I know if other twin mamas that gained 100lb during their pregnancy. BTW, I carried mine to just over 40 weeks and they were 8lb 2oz and 7lb 15oz

Good Luck & Happy Pregnancy
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I am almost 30 weeks and I gained around 24 by 24 weeks and am now at 36 lbs and keep trying to pack on more (with healthy foods). I really expect to get to at least 50-60 lbs, I am just having trouble at the moment finding room in my stomach for food . I started at 140 lb and am 5' 7 1/2". I agree that your dr is nuts.
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You know what? I think weight gain is really, really dependant on the woman AND the baby (babies) she's carrying. It has been pretty different for me each time. With my first baby (singleton) I gained 42 lbs. I don't think I ever ate healthier than I did with that pregnancy. She was 8lb 8oz at birth. With my second baby (another singleton) I gained 30 lbs. I tried to eat well but did have a bowl of ice cream quite frequently. She was 9lb 8oz. Then for my twins I worked really hard on eating well but never had much of an appetite - especially for the first 4-5 months. I ended up gaining 36 lbs. total (gave birth at 37w4d) and they weighed 6lb 14oz & 7lb 13oz. Pretty much ALL that weight was in my belly and I subsequently lost it all by the 10th day postpartum. I started every pregnancy at the exact same weight (142) and I'm 5' 3 1/2". Oh, and I had gained 23 1/2 lbs by 26 weeks. I just didn't gain a lot - I don't know why!

I'd switch doctors if mine believed that a woman - especially one carrying twins - should limit her weight gain (assumed it's based on healthy foods).
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your doc is crazy. Dr, Luke's book is awesome- recommends at least 30 lbs by week 24 for good birth weight outcome, and recommends eating eating eating lots of protein!

I gained 45 lbs total w/ the twins, at 38w5d I delivered a 6 lb 1 oz boy and a 7 lb 13 oz boy with good outcomes......

I *never* limited what I ate and my docs never said anything! They wanted me to gain more if anything!

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I think your dr. is crazy as well. I don't have multiples but with my singleton I gained 40 lbs and delivered at 40 weeks. My dr. never once said anything about gaining too much.
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Just had to agree that your doc is NUTS! Shoot for the 24 (or 30) by 24 weeks! There's great NEW research to support that twins develop differently inuetero than singletons and weight gain early is very helpful if you can manage with morning sickness!

I can't tell you how much I gained overall, because once I hit a 32 pound gain at 25 weeks, I told my midwife not to tell me the numbers any more, which she happily obliged . I will tell you that I measured 53 inches around the belly when I delivered (38 weeks, natural, vaginal delivery of both) (yes, just a few inches shy of 5 feet around ) and my babies were both 7 pounds, no NICU time, yeah!

Now my twins are 11 months, and I'm THINNER than I was BEFORE conceiving them (yeah to bf'ing twins; I'm never stopping, LOL!)

So ditch your doc, eat all the healthy food you want, let your body do its thing, and don't worry about the scale once you hit a goal that's important to you!
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Originally Posted by BaileyBunch
Now my twins are 11 months, and I'm THINNER than I was BEFORE conceiving them (yeah to bf'ing twins; I'm never stopping, LOL!)

So ditch your doc, eat all the healthy food you want, let your body do its thing, and don't worry about the scale once you hit a goal that's important to you!
I'm with you on that- the weight loss has been easy!

Oh and I;ve got 3 under 3 too!

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I gained about 26 lbs at 24 weeks. I only gained 22 lbs total during my singleton pg and my dd was only 6 lb 9 oz, so I knew I would have to work hard to make big twins.
I ate and ate and ate, esp. high protein foods. At the end I did alot of high protein boost shakes, because I had no room for food. In the end I gained 45 lbs and my babies were 7 lb 2 oz and 8 lb even.

Find another doctor and get Dr. Luke's book.
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I agree I think weight is relative to each situation. I only gained about 28lbs during my pregnancy. I was very nauseous the first four months, so I ate mostly fruits and veggies and drank lots of water and juice. I also walked 4 times a week, swam once a week and did yoga, until my doctor made me stop working out. I delivered at 36 weeks (preterm labor) and my babes were around 4lbs each, but very healthy, minimal NICU time(to gain a little weight) and no problems whatsoever. I pretty much walked out of the hospital only about 10 lbs heavier than I was before I got pregnant. I agree, you might want to get a different doctor if you're not happy with the one you have.

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i only gained 35 with my twins and i was so dissappionted!! i tried so hard to gain more. my goal was 40 and my midwifes recommended 60 lbs. weight gain during pregnancy should never be limited esspecally in twin pregnancies.
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i gained almost 60 lbs with my singleton (from 140lbs to 199lbs!) and she was 9lbs. 0oz., but i actually struggled a little putting on early weight with these babies. i'm all caught up now and have gained about 46lbs at 31 weeks although none of my friends will actually believe i weigh 186lbs right now.
who knows what i'll be when they are born!!??

totally get another doctor! your current doc sounds down right archaic!
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I gained about 70 pounds when I delivered at 33 weeks. Granted, there were 3 in there. I would really look into another doc. Do you know anyone who had nice, healthy twins that you can ask for a referral?
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Well im not going to agree with the your doctor is nuts thing. Bc your doctor might see something that you dont!

But as for all of this, by 24 weeks i think i had lost almost 40 pounds. (i had severe morning sickness for the first 6 months, i done good to hold anything down.) But as far as the whole time i think i gained maybe 30 lbs at the most. And i couldnt get people to believe i was carrying twins! I remember shopping at about 5 mnths preggo for outfits. Someone asked me if i knew someone having a baby, i was like yea im 5 mnths preggo with twins. They didnt believe me till i went back shopping with the babies! Lol

Weight gain really depends on the person just like in a single birth. If your overweight, underweight, average. How your body reacts, how the babies are growing etc.

Good luck with everything! But if your not happy definetly seek out a second opinion
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I had gained 50 lbs by 25 weeks and when I delivered at 34 weeks 4 days I had gained 90 lbs. I went from 110 to 200lbs and was back to my prepregnancy weight by 9 months postpartum. I retained alot of water ( igained 60lbs with my singleton)
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well i changed docs and love my new doc!! he spends time with me answering my questions
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