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I was 105 lbs my first pregnany and gained 60. I gained 7 lbs a month like religion....but didnt really sho wuntil my 6th month. After Collin was born I went down to 125....a healthier weight for me.

With the twins I gained 75 lbs. ANd dropped all but 10 lbs. I am one of those people who truly beleive you only control a part of what you gain. I was sick as a dog for 6 months in my pregnancy. Vomiting was a daily thing! And I still gained the weight.

My first pregnancy my OB showed some concern about my weight gain.....but I gained what I gained. My second pregnancy he didnt say a word.
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I just had my 22 wk OB visit... and OMG.. I am up to 180lbs (gained 43lbs) Until now I was gaining about 1.5-2 lbs/wk, but in these last 2 wks my weight jumped by 10lbs. I have no idea what happened... I havent been eating any more or any worse. In fact, I should have gained less since I've spent the last week before the appointment moving, so I've been much more active and havent snacked nearly as much throughout the day. I'm starting to get a bit freaked out now
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If you are healthy and the babies are healthy and you are confident in your diet, try not to let the numbers on the scale concern you. Your body may need to gain something different that someone else to grow your twins strong and healthy. As you can see from the variety of posts already on this thread, normal is a very wide range! Just keep focusing on the quality of the calories you are bringing in, not the quantity of weight you gain!!

I've cleared 200lbs. at this point, but I am 37 weeks now and as my midwives like to say at every appointment-- these are "good-sized" full-term babies that are healthy and strong and ready to be born with no need for any NICU time at all. I am healthy and strong and ready to birth them with no complications or issues either! That is totally worth every pound of the weight gain to me!
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HATAWA: I second everything the pp has said. You may be at the point where you don't want to know how much you've gained. If it really bothers you, just don't look when they weigh you and tell your care providers that you're eating healthy, feel good and would prefer not to know your weight. Your doing great mama and you will be shocked at how quickly the weight comes off after they are born.

1stTimeMummytoLore: Congrats on making it to 37 weeks! Keep us posted!
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I had my 20 week appointment on friday, and I have not gained as muc weight as I expected. I am only up to 157, which means I have gained about 20 lbs. I guess I am still on track for 24lbs. by 24 weeks, but I gained more with my singleton! On the upside the boys look really healthy, so I am not worried.
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