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I LOVE breastfeeding!!!!

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My nipples are sore and bleeding, my breasts have been on and off totally engorged for a couple of days, and I have gone from a 36 C to a 38 G bra size. AND, I love breastfeeding! I mean, it is so cool! it is absolutely the coolest thing my body has done, other than growing my precious babies of course. Everytime the babies poop or squirt me with a stream of pee, I just feel so proud! I mean, that came from me!

Anyway, just wanting to bond with other nursing mamas and say that I am so happy to be one .

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I love to hear stories like yours. I belong to a multiples group and get so bummed hearing most of the moms talk about formula, schedules, etc. If your nipples don't get better soon see an LLL leader or IBCLC to make sure the latch is OK. I found that a good nursing pillow is key for keeping my nipples happy. One Step Ahead has a good one for nursing twins that isn't gargantuan like most of the others. Keep up the good work!
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wow, lex! I haven't checked in much these days so I totally missed that Jasper & Lucas were born! Welcome babies and horray for all of you!

I totally know what you mean about nursing. I felt the same way (still do) even with the pain early on. There defniately is normal & not-normal nipple pain, so I'm sure someone can help you know what's what. I was so 'expecting' some discomfort in the early days that I ignored blatant signs of a yeast infection for a couple of unecessarily painful weeks! yowch! I'm not saying that's your case though.

Glad you are enjoying your beautiful babes!

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