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im sure you get this a lot!... sorry!

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but i have to know! have any of you started off with REALLY low HCG?

Twins run in my family, and i got pregnant while breastfeeding. i hear that can dause you to have twins although that makes NO sense to me as to why!

anyway, at 5 weeks my HCG was only 208 (should have been 500-6000)

at 8 weeks however, my HCG was 145,580.

that means it was doubling every 1.37 days.

this is how often I read they normally double:

HCG up to 1200 : 2-3 days
HCG from 1200-6000: every 3-4 days
HCG over 6000: over every 4 days

if that was accurate, my levels would have only been between 50,000-60,000 when i got them done last.

goes to show everyones body is different!

guess i just cant help but wonder if that means something since a few people have asked me if i was having twins, and i think i've been getting signs.

sorry im sure you get stupid questions like this all the time so if you are willing to answer i'd help. im not asking if you think im pregnant with twins because i know you couldnt know that. just wondering if tis possible even though my levels were SOOO low when I started.
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Sorry, I never had any HCGs done. But I hope you get the results you want! I had never heard that thing about your chances of twins increasing if you are breastfeeding when you get pregnant. But it was true for me.
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I don't know much about the HCG. But I got prego with my twins while BF'ing too.
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My first pregnancy was a triplet pregnancy at first and my first hcg test at 14 days was 67. I didn't double until well after 7 weeks, I know because I had to go for hcg tests every other day. With my twins my first hcg test at 14 days was 302 and I never went over 90,000 the whole time they were tracking by hcg levels. I've had friends whose levels were very high at first and were tripling every other day and only had a singleton. I think hcg levels are different for each person and whats' normal for one may not be normal for the next. I'm a low hcg producer and I know people who are high hcg producers.

As far as looking like I was having twins I lost 65lbs the first trimester and didn't look pregnant until about 20 weeks. Each person has a different way they carry.

Good luck! Twins are a joy to have.
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I never got hcg's done so I don't know about that. I have never heard that your chances are greater for having twins if you get pregnant while nursing but I have wondered since a lot of us were nursing when they got pregnant.
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i just heard the breastfeeding thing the other day. i think its a really werird thing i never heard that before so I dont know how much validity I give it. Thanks for all your input. Congrats to you all! double the blessing! I just dont know what I would do with 3 under 2. i dont get an u/s til 20 weeks... maybe at some point if it is twins I'll show some kind of sign that will make my midwife want to send me for an u/s.

thanks for your responses. i really apprciate you taking the time t share your thoughts with me.
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I don't remember my exact first numbers, but I know they were not remarkably high. It was the rate at which they doubled that was high. So it does sound like it's possible that could be what's going on for you, but as I'm sure you know, singleton mamas experience all kinds of weird numbers and doublings too. Good luck! -Julie (b/b twins 5 mos old)
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I had my first HcG drawn at 12dposo less than 4 weeks pg, and it was actually pretty high...around 375 I think. It made me suspicious (I conceived on clomid and twins run in my family, so I had reason to be). My doubling rate was pretty average, but my numbers started high.
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still nak
so I just looked back at my old posts from around the time i got pg, and i am wrong! i did double really fast. At 12dpo it was 316 and 44 hours later it was over 800! So there you go! Keep us posted.
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ill keep you updated, especially once i find out. It could be possible I was doubling so quickly because I started out so low (208 at 5 weeks!)

I'm still researching this breastfeeding 'myth' and i dont see anything that talksabout any studies done, or anything that explains WHY getting pregnant while breastfeeding ay cause multiples.

in any case, although i am showing a tiny bit, it's really not very much, and I expected to show sooner with this pregnancy anyway, as this is my second pregnancy and I only had my son 8 months ago, so my uterus probably never shrunk back to normal size yet anyway.

thanks for all your responses!
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hey, just thought i'd give my opinion. If you hcgs are that high and above normal there could be more than one. And if you think you are starting to show alittle that could be a sign also. I had two single children 18 months apart and didnt show with either of them until 22 weeks and with my twins i started showing around 8 weeks. and they are 2 years and 2 months younger than my second child. so if that helps any. when do you find out?
ps where in florida are you?
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im in ft lauderdale! well, im not showing big or anything, but i am showing.

i have another question, but im gonna post it here also because i dont want to clog your board with silly posts from me (one is enough! lol)

i hear twins have to run on the maternal side of the family for a person to have twins. They run directly on my husbands side, but on my side they only run on my moms DAD's side. So i think since its not my mom's MOM, then im safe!.... right?!

i appreciate everyones input! you are all sooooo sweet! is that a requirement for being a mom to twins? because so far all the moms to twins i have met are genuinely kind hearted people. thanks again. hope i can get some answers for my new silly question!
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yeah with my son i think i was about 26 weeks before i started showing noticebly. but, the way i am now at 8 weeks is how i was at about 18-20 weeks with my son...
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A father can pass the gene on to his daughter but his sperm cannot actually create the twins. It is the properties of the eggs (releasing 2 or one splitting) that create twins which is carried by the mom. Your grandfather could have gave the gene to your mom who in turn gave it to you. From what I understand of it.

Good luck!
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oh wow! guess i'll have to wait and see. its kind of exciting to hear it might be a possibility. thanks for all the input. its kind of a scary thought too.
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Not to be a party pooper , but I got pg with dd#2 while I was bf dd#1 and my HCG was very low at the begining, although I don't know how it went up from there. My midwife suggested supplementing my HCG b/c I was spotting early on (when they tested the HCG) and they thought that I might miscarry since it was so low. I didn't miscarry; I also didn't supplement and I did have an U/S at 6 weeks to see what was causing the spotting. There was only one baby in there and she is 5 now.

I also have 3 sets of twin cousins, twin uncles, and I was a twin. So, I guess that the combo of twins running in the family, low HCG and bf when you get pg doesn't always mean twins. I'll be curious to see how it works out for you, though and will think good thoughts since you want twins (I think)!
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i honestly dont know if i could handle twins but im sure if i have twins i can! i really want a little girl this time though! my midwife said chance of miscarriage also when is started so low. i wish i could get an u/s soon to know! thanks for all your thoughts!
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Twins do not have to run in your family for you to have them. They say identical twins are random and fraternal are hereditary, not sure how much research was done to come to that though.

I am really curious about the bfing thing though. Do you remember if it said identical or fraternal twins are more likely if you are nursing? Just curious
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this was all it said but im researching it more, just out of plain curiosity at this point:

8) Conceive While Breastfeeding
Most people think that you can't get pregnant while breastfeeding, that the process of lactating keeps a woman from ovulating. However, plenty of mothers of twins can disprove that theory. Some research has supported the theory that the chance of twins or multiples is increased if a woman conceives while breastfeeding.
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Originally Posted by sarahloughmiller
Twins do not have to run in your family for you to have them. They say identical twins are random and fraternal are hereditary, not sure how much research was done to come to that though.
I've heard that too. However in my family all five sets of twins are identical. We must be drinking some strange water or something ! I think that the idea is that fraternals run in families b/c it can be heriditary to release more than one egg at a time, but having an embryo split is purely chance.
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