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When to hire a doula?

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I'm really interested in getting a doula this time around and was wondering if anyone had any advice on when to start the process. I have wonderful supportive midwives and a very supportive dh but I also have high blood pressure issues. If bp becomes a problem near the end again and I have to switch to an ob, I would love to have a doula there for me. Perhaps at least that one little consistency will keep my head from exploding.

Thanks for any input or insight!

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Right now I'm about 20 weeks and I'm starting the process of finding a birth doula. I don't really have any idea of when you should start looking for one...my general thinking is that you probably can't be too early, but it's best not to be too late in terms of establishing a relationship with someone and reserving the doula's services before she's too booked. That's my two cents .
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Yup, I would say now's the time. The ones around here (Washington DC) say there's more demand than supply and most women start looking in early-mid 2nd trimester. We signed on with ours a month or two ago but I am the obsessive early planning type Good luck!
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I'm 23 weeks along, and I have my first face-to-face meeting with the doula i'm pretty sure I want to hire this Thursday. I also switched (today!) from one OB practice to a more natural birth-friendly OB/midwife practice. Check the FYT thread for your area-- I found several recommendations for my doula to reinforce the high opinion of an IRL friend.

Good luck!
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...and where do I find a doula? And where a midwife?
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huggerwocky: try here: http://www.childbirthcollective.org/ my friend sarah biermeier is a doula and a midwife apprentice and belongs to this organization. she's also an mdc member (DoulaSarah) and a mama of three.

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