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Boys Gone Wild

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I have two DS's -- 2-1/2 & 5-1/2. They have a play area in the basement where they can do pretty much whatever they want (as long as it doesn't break the posted rules). They are so PHYSICAL -- just want to jump and jump and jump. Toys don't interest them much. Lincoln Logs and legos are most often projectiles rather than building tools. DS #1 treats the i-beam in the basement like monkey bars. DS#2 almost killed himself the other day jumping off a countertop (against the rules, of course!). Any advice on how to address the physical needs of boys? Can't really afford gymnastics classes. Had a trampoline but sold it when I had visions of someone breaking their neck...
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Fresh air! Since you live in a warm climate, get them outside where they can run and jump and yell as much as they want. On rainy days, it sounds like your basement is a good alternative, though!
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My son is almost 5, and is extremely active. He doesn't even stop moving when sleeping, half the night his little foot is tap, tap, tapping. During the winter I enroll him in classes at the YMCA. Have you looked there? Prices aren't bad, and they offer scholarships. He is taking a sports class, a new sport every week; gymnastics; and playing indoor soccer. Also, if you ever have access to a pool, water play is a great way to tire them out, even a sprinkler in the yard works wonders during the summer. Maybe you could tape a hopscotch board on the basement floor. Or tape a base line and a bunch of measured lines like 1 to 5 feet out from the base line, then tell them to take turns seeing how far they can jump. Jumping and hopping usually use a lot of energy. Good luck, I know how exhausting it is to be inundated with so much energy.

- Chelsea
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I have 3 active little boys and a basement playroom. I'm planning to buy a small climber (my choice is Step 2's Kangaroo climber) as soon as I can get together enough money. My friend has a climber in her basement and the kids love climbing all over it and even just sitting around on it.
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I have 2 boys too.......4 and 17 months!

The best thing i do is go outside!!!!!!
They just can't spend enough time outside!

But boy it gets hard with the weather sometimes then we get cabin fever! That's when we end up just going "anywhere" to get out!!!!

AAAHHHH the joys of boys!
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Geekmom -- that climber sounds intriguing. Is there a website you can provide where I can see what one looks like?

All moms who suggest the great outdoors -- I agree that fresh air is great. Do you usually hang outside with them? Sometimes my guys won't go out unless I do too...I do play frisbee with them but I'm not terribly athletic and I really love getting things done inside when they're playing.

Missgrl -- I know what you mean about cabin fever. Luckily, here in lovely Atlanta the weather rarely makes us stay indoors. However, sometimes we just need a change of pace. We love the library and I constantly guard against going to retail establishments for a change of pace!

Chelsea -- thanks for the great suggestions. DS is not crazy about organized classes. Not sure if this is a phase or separation anxiety or what. He's currently being homeschooled for kindergarten but whenever I bring up classes of any kind he flatly refuses. DH doesn't want to spend the money if DS is so negative. I understand DH's point, but feel we can't let DS dictate this type of thing. We played t-ball last fall which DS liked the first few games then got bored. Planning on soccer next -- maybe a bit more exciting than t-ball. Anyway, hopscotch on the basement floor is a fun idea! And doing the long jump too! We have an athletic mat that a friend found for us at a garage sale. It's been a God send!
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My ds is 5 1/2 yo and is too, very physically active! In the winter, I enroll him in swimming lessons, which he loves. And I am also looking into gymnastics classes for him.

One thing that we do together, that is physically, is make up a circus act. I balance him on my feet in the air (while I'm laying on my back) and we sing circus music and I bounce him up and down. AND its a GREAT leg workout!

He also loves to play and wrestle w/our golden retriever, Boomer.

Best of Luck~

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