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I hardly EVER drink alcohol at all when I'm not pregnant. But I'd never drink when I was. Here's my reason why... unlike food, which requires digestion before it can be absorbed, alcohol can diffuse right through the stomach walls and reach the brain within a minute. Now if the stomach is filled with food, then there is less of a chance of the alcohol touching the stomach walls and therefore perhaps not being absorbed immediately. I however wouldn't want to take that chance. For me, if something can be absorbed into the blood stream that easily, then it gets to my baby that much quicker. It's just NOT for me.
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I just had to say you've gotta check out the "I"m pregnant-Aug. due date club"-under the "confessions of a pregnant lady" You'll find much more "evil" doings there!!
It's too bad some feel the need to express thier opinions so harshly, : I'm in agreement with moderation, I don't drink much to begin with but now I crave a shot of Bailey's and milk from time to time. If I wasn't dealing with all day m/s I'd definatley be on that but I'm just afraid it'll all come back up anyways! Maybe later on...
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I don't think an occcasional glass of wine is going to hurt you at this stage of the game. It's a common sense thing.
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FWIW, I don't have my glass of wine unless I've eaten first (since Ben's mom at least gave a reason, and it bears addressing). It makes sense to mix it up with some food.
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No. I wouldn't EVER take the chance of affecting my babies growth like that. I will admit that I had one sip of champagne on new years eve while pregnant... one sip and I felt the guilt!
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No, I would not. I tend to err WAY on the side of caution with things like this, though, and don't drink alcohol even when I'm not pg.
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Would and have. Many midwives (including my own) recommend "a glass of wine and a warm bath" to halt prodromal labor or aid in overcoming restless sleep for mamas very close to the end.

I think it's all about using common sense and listening to your body. I homebrew, and actually had a 5gal batch of doppelbock spoil when I was in the 1st tri with my DD because I couldn't stand the sight or smell of it long enough to bottle it (and that was such a tragedy given how much work I had spent on it! ) but in the 3rd tri with her I *craved* beer. A 4 oz tasting glass would usually satisfy the craving. I did some research on beer cravings and found that it contains B vitamins from the brewers yeast which are actually very healthful (and found in abundance in homebrewed, bottle-conditioned beer)... perhaps that's what I was craving?

Anyway, a little OT, but use your common sense. I think that's what AP and MDC are all about... examining honestly the advice given to us by this culture and then doing what makes the most sense to us given the evidence. Those who are posting with such knee-jerk negative comments are IMO just being reactionary.
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I'm another drinker during pregnancy. Notice I don't say "binge". For me I drink 1-2 glasses a week about a 1/2 glass at a time. I only drink red wine but for some reason now I really want a guiness or one of the other dark chocolatey sorts of beer right now. Since DH is a beer snob and only drinks microbrews/homebrews/expensive European import beers there is always a sip or two of that around for me!

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Originally Posted by myniyer
Would and have. Many midwives (including my own) recommend "a glass of wine and a warm bath" to halt prodromal labor
I forgot about that, I'd totally do that, IMO safer than going to the hospital for whatever drugs and interventions they use to stop labor.
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Yes, I would, and I have. Small amounts (much less than a 3-4 oz glass), not every week for me, but sometimes it works well to stop BH or soothe raw nerves. My midwives are OK with it. My friend's super conservative OB suggested it for her in the third trimester to stop BH.
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Yep, I have a 1/2 glass every now and then. Moderation in all things.
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I personally don't drink while pregnant, except for the occasional sip of my husband's beer, but I don't see any problem with a glass or two a week (wine or beer). The whole "not a drop while pregnant" edict seems a little silly to me! As many before me have said "moderation in all things".
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I would drink as much as a glass of red wine with dinner. I have absolutely no qualms about doing so. but I would only drink with dinner (I never drink any alcohol on an empty stomach even when not pregnant. actually the above rule is my rule for pregnant or not. )
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I would. Hope your back feels better.
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Yes, I drank occasionally while pregnant. Only during the late second and third trimester and only on special occasions. My own Graduation Day for my Master's degree was one occasion; and dinner at a romantic restaurant with my husband was another one. Oh, and I drank a whole beer in my third trimester when we were on vacation in Europe and someone broke into our car and stole my credit cards. I was really stressed.
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I wouldn't, but I don't think there's much harm in the occasional glass of wine.
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This is OT from your question, but have you considered or tried a chiropractor, or acupressure/acupuncture for your back?

About the wine thing...I like to err on the side of *extreme* caution, so even though my MW from my 1st pregnancy said pregnant women can usually get away with drinking wine on a somewhat regular basis, it is still outside of my comfort level. I would hate to have something happen and feel that it was my fault. Of course, when I was in my first trimester of my first pregnancy, I got completely stressed out over something my dad said and smoked 1/2 a cigarette, and lost one of my twins the next day...I seriously doubt they were ACTUALLY related, but that experience has made me extremely cautious about every little thing during pregnancy.

I hope your back feels better.
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Originally Posted by nova22
This is OT from your question, but have you considered or tried a chiropractor, or acupressure/acupuncture for your back?
I'd love to see all 3 but they take a little something I don't have in great supply
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I wouldn't while pregnant. I still don't now as my 1 year old still nurses a lot.
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Jeepers creepers....I had no idea that so many people thought even a drop of alcohol during pregnancy was safe. Shows what I know!! I was even afraid to put a tsp. of vanilla in some whipping cream I had made a couple months back because listed in the ingredients was "alcohol". Am I anal or what? Maybe I should relax a bit and enjoy my vanilla flavored whipping cream.
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