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Iam 34 weeks beeen having false labor I have worried about the baby coming early would her lungs be fully developed?
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Congrats!! I am praying for a quick and uneventful hospital stay for her...and you!!

I loved your pictures...

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she is beautiful!! congratulations! I'll be thinking of you and your family, hopeing she gets to come home soon!!!
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Hope your little girl is home soon! There is a thread in birth and beyond for supporting NICU moms. Hope you have a chnace to visit and get some support.
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Darcy, in response to your question about your baby's lungs, the docs would give you steroid shots (in your butt...yay ) to help develop baby's lungs. That's what they did for me, and Sam turned out to be just fine! Plus, at 34 weeks, you're past almost all of the developmental hurdles. Hang in there, mama! Take a break, put your feet up, and just try and relax. You'll be fine!
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CONGRATULATIONS!!! She's absolutely precious.

I hope she's home with you soon!
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Congrats, mama! What a cutie pie!
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Welocme to the world little Samantha! Drink up that mama milk so you can come home soon!!
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She's sooo adorable! Congrats!

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Welcome little Samantha!! What a doll!! such a head of hair! can't wait to hear the update on her weight!! glad everyone's doing well...
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Congrats Mama....she is just lovely!
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She looks great! So a little less than 3 1/2 pounds, right? She looks so big! My dd1 was 5/7 at birth (35 weeks) and she looked very similar - all that vernix too! My Maria didn't have any of that...anyway I digress...it's late here...sorry about that.

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Congrats- she looks soooo big in my eyes! If she is doing all you say, its true she should be home soon.

Keep up that pumping mama and pm me for anything!

The Ronald McDonald house is a wonderful thing. They also sponsor the hospital Maggie is at and some parents are staying there as well. I cannot say enough about them. Everyone- if you want to donate to a great cause this is the one.
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Thankyou Sarah for making me feel better I read your reply to my Dh and showed him your babies pictures too.
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Sam's milk intake has been doubled, so she's getting 6 ml/hour now. She's gained back an ounce of the 4 that she lost since birth, so her weight is at 3lb, 2oz now. She's still teeny, but doing phenomenally well. It's hard to believe that she'll barely have broken 4 pounds when we get her home! My DH can't imagine driving home on the interstate with something so small. He joked that we'll be driving 20mph with our hazard lights on!

Thank you all so much. I'll keep you updated as we learn more!
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lurking from the nov due date club, but couldn't read and not say a big, huge CONGRATULATIONS from a former NICU mama! It's such a wild, intense time. Samantha sounds like such a little fighter, and I'm sure you'll have her home before you know it!
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Congratulations! So glad she is doing so well.

Great name.
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Congrats! I'm so happy she's doing so well! She's beautiful!
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Congrats!! She's LOVELY!!
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