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Gripe water?

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Has anyone ever used it and did it help? Would it help w/ reflux? TY
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I don't know about reflux, but it helped with my #2 when he was gassy/cranky.
I've used it a few times with #3 but haven't seen huge results.
Many other moms swear by it.

There are many different versions (all with mostly the same ingredients). This time around (last month) I was able to find an organic version at Whole foods.
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if memory serves me, it's mostly fennel and ginger...ginger may be a bit too heating for reflux. you could make a nice mellow fennel tea and that may help. good luck
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I use this for dd's gassiness and have been pretty happy with it. I used to wonder if it really helped or if it was just my imagine, but then one night I was really gassy (sorry, TMI) and was in severe pain, and out of desperation I started swigging from the bottle, and almost immediately my pain went away. Turned me into a real believer, lol. I believe they say on their site it will help with reflux, but dd doesn't have that so I can't say firsthand. GL!
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Tried it, didn't help. Had high hopes, as DD was quite colicky, but there's a lot of psychosomatic help out there. DD was curious and amused by the taste (she's ebf), but alas, no effect on the crying. More effective was boob contact and singing. Worth a try, though, huh? I've heard good things from other moms...
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Some gripe waters have sodium bicarbonate which isn't good for babies, there is info on the colic ease website. Colic Ease worked great for my baby but she also does not have reflux.
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Yep..we used Gripe water a lot and it seemed to help. Some of the them are quite sweet though. I would shop around for one that isn't too sweet...Wholefoods keeps one or two different brands.
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Not sure it would be appropriate for reflux (seems like it might be irritating), you could ask your doc.

We tried it for colic and gassiness and it did nothing. But worth trying since some moms swear by it.
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Thanks, the one Shanana uses doesn't have the sodium bicarbonate in it-which I didn't realize was bad for infants. They used that in my dd reflux med-Prevacid. I'm sure that it's okay b/c it's such a small amount though.

I think I may try the fennel tea-if I can find it.
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Or is see the brand Gentle Naturals makes a tummy soother w/ chamomile, ginger and fennel. Maybe that would help if I think she has a tummy ache or gas.
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Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) isn't necessarily bad for all babies. It can help with occcasionally tummy upsets and gas, but it's bad for reflux babies. The reason is because it will neutralize some of the stomach acid, but the body will rebound by making more acid in response. In a baby with normal stomach acidity, this is fine, but in a baby who already makes too much stomach acid, this is a bad thing.

So, used occasionally, gripe water is fine.
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My cousin made me a nursing mother's rice pudding that a Syrian friend gave her the recipe to. It was made with ginger, cinnamon and ground caraway seeds. We looked up caraway and it's suppose to help with gas and colic. I don't know if this actually works, but it was delicious so I'm going to be eating it for the next couple of weeks.
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