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Husband's DVD collection... how much would you sell it for or is it cruel?

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DH has talked about selling his dvd collection (about 3000 titles I know no freaking wonder we have no $ his pre me days were spent on dvds and a while after....)

Is that cruel to ask him to sell them?
I just think we have movies on demand he doesn't watch the old ones...
and you can rent them pretty cheap....

I put his vhs tapes on craigslist and the guy who wants to buy them asked me if I have any dvds for sale....."I" don't but it did get me thinking....
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I don't think it would be cruel to ask. You could show him how much the two of you could have to spend on "whatever" if he were to sell the dvd's he never watches/doesn't really like. He probably doesn't ever realize how many of the dvd's he doesn't even really want. you might ask him to part w/ a certain number and have a fun time sorting thru them and weeding out the one's he can live without.
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Even if you sell 10% of them that could be a nice chunk of change.
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what would be a fair price for them?
mostly watched once.....sadly....

I am just in the mood to sell/gift it all I look at RV's and think wouldn't that be neat to just take off and be free with my kids and my scrapbooks of memories...and a wireless laptop..
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Start with 10% of the DVDs. Look up the current NEW price for each movie (on Amazon.com or ???) Make a list of ALL the titles for sale and prices, post on Craigslist and the trading post. I would price at about 50% of current retail. Offer NO DISCOUNTS unless someone buys 10 or more. "Sorry, this is the first day of the ad, if you want a lower price talk to me in 2 weeks." When the $$$ come in, your husband should be happy, and maybe come up with more titles.

DON'T give them away or sell for pennies. The purchasers will just be eBAYing them anyway.

A huge benefit of downsizing a collection like this is that as you send out the stuff you don't love, you find treasures there. I sent out 50+ books on bookcrossing, and found one treasure I had been "meaning to read" for years. It turns out to be a wonderful, inspiring book:
Elizabeth Ann Scarborough, THE HEALER'S WAR

One possibillity would be to get a giant external hard drive and upload the movies one at a time to your PC. Some software required, I think. If you have not watched it in the past 5 years, you won't miss it too much!
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My DH has a ridiculous amount of DVDs too. I've asked him before to sell them...but he figures that they're prob not worth more than about $5 each (the local video stores sell PVd copies for $5-7 each and they guarantee them) & so he refuses to part with them.
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Maybe you can persuade him to part with a certain number of them. Start small, maybe 10. Then in a month ask him to pick 10 more. And get him a gift certificate for Netflix so he won't be buying anymore unless he knows he'll want to watch it more than once.
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We have 2 drawers in our entertainment unit, and we can only keep the DVDs that will fit in there. So every once in a while, we purge some.

We did get a Blockbuster online membership (where they mail movies to you) and so far it's working out great.

I think if your dh is willing to part with some, it couldn't hurt. I can't even imagine having that many DVDs. (Of course, most people want to pass out if they see my craft room. )
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Wow, I thought my 500 cd's were a bit excessive!

I would not part with any of them without his permission. Sneakily disposing of your spouse's stuff is not cool! But if you can get him to agree, then GO FOR IT!

One thing you can do to motivate him is to tell him that if the average movie is 90 minutes...times 3000, that is 270,000 minutes of time spent watching the TV (or computer) screen. That is 4500 hours. Ask him how many hours he'd like to spend with his family doing something fun in a week. Ask him what he'd like to do, then sell that many hours of movies and use the money to go do what ever fun thing he wants to do.
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