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Cohosh vs castor oil??????

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I may be facing a chemical induction as early as Monday and I'm desperate to avoid it

As an alternative, I hope I'm a little dilated on Thurs and my OB can strip my membranes and we can try sex this weekend. If that doesn't work, I'm evaluating the pros and cons of cohosh vs castor oil. Both of them scare me, but then again so does pitocin.

Has anyone tried either of these? Was it effective? Did it cause any harm to the baby?

Thanks for your input!
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My friend who's a doula gave me this advice at the time of my induction - castor oil WILL move your bowels, then labor usually begins, but not guaranteed. I opted for cervadil which worked incredibly well. I didn't want pitocin either, thank heaven I didn't need it. My water broke and I waited 2 days for labor to start, which it didn't, so sex wasn't an option for us. Cervadil gave me the jump start I needed. Just thought i'd share my experience.

Hope mother nature kicks in for you - Good luck!!
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sorry - nak

i used castor oil to jump start labor for dd1 and it worked. but i was already 80% effaced and starting to dilate. i was in the bathroom the rest of the night and was queasy and exhausted the next day when i went into labor. not a good combination. it took me a long time to push her out because i was so tired and only had eaten breakfast that morning (i had her at 9PM). fortunately i had a quick labor - 6 hours - i'd hate to think how we would have fared with a more drawn-out labor. i wouldn't recommend it, but everyone responds to it differently. if you think you can eat through some nausea to keep your strength up, then good. but i was also pretty wiped out just from being up the entire night before.

good luck!

Also, a friend of mine recently had her baby and was induced. She said that her doula told her that they don't need to put you on pitocin the entire time. That a low dose of pitocin can start things going and your body will do the rest. Don't know the accuracy of that, but I thot I would share it.
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Thanks. As another alternative, my dr has offered to admit me and break my water and see if labor begins on its own...but only if I'm a few cm dilated. As or last Monday, I was just a fingertip/50% effaced. Maybe by this Thursday I'll be more open and we can try that first. I know it puts me on the clock as having to deliver in a certain amt of time, but if it works...I'll avoid the pitocon. And if it doesn't...I'll get the pit anyway I'm so frustrated. I had a pit delivery with ds and HATED it But my twins are showing some growth discordancy and they really don't want me to wait much past early next week to have them.
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How much of a growth discrepancy is there? Can you convince your doc to do another ultrasound to check again?

Personally, I wouldn't use (or recommend) using either cohosh or castor oil. Castor Oil can also induce a bowel movment in your babies, causing them to pass meconium in utero and posing a health risk that way. Cohosh is contra-indicated in pregnancy, and though it is usually considered safe for inducing labor, it is still very scary- in my opinion. If you were to use either one of these methods, please do so under the care of a doctor-- either a midwife or doula, if your OB won't cooperate with you.

You CAN use evening primrose oil. You can take up to 5 capsules a day orally and insert them several times a day vaginally. It only works on a ripe cervix, to help dilate and efface. Personally, it is the only thing I would try without the express consent of some sort of doc.

I would just hate to tell you that is is okay to do something and then something bad happen. If you choose to use the oil or the cohosh, please stay hydrated and rest a lot (if you can), because you'll need it.

Good luck, mama.

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I used castor oil 3x with dd#1 when I was late. I was already 2cm and 90% and 0 station. It made me poop a lot, i was a little quesy cuz it's nasty but I could eat through anything, and it did start contrax each time I did. They lasted about 2 hours and then stopped. I ended up going 10 days late on my own.

If you do it take it w/ root beer....that's the easiest.
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Oh! There are more natural ways than either cohosh or oil..

Try taking long walks

or walking up and down the stairs (if you can)

Sex works, so does masturbation- the orgasm can sometimes trigger labor

OR... and probably the best is to stimulate your nipples for 15 minutes at a time (or as long as you can) every hour or so. It triggers the labor-inducing chemical in your body.

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I did castor oil when I went 10 days past my edd, I think it will only start you if you're ready. If you do drink it put it in something you don't really like already-because that drink alone might gross you out later (like if you like root beer use oj)

on the cohosh-is this herbal or homeopathic? I would be much more comfortable using a homeopathic rememdy than the herbs themselves.

second the evening primrose oil-both ways. also semen has prostaglandins like the epo-and is equally effective when absorbed through sex-vaginal or oral (you have to swallow) <<the reason so many overdue women's dh's can walk around with a smile>>

good luck!
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I used castor oil !!!

It worked.
I spent the first hour in the bathroom at home and then my contractions started. They where 5 minutes apart and I went to the hospital. While I was waiting for the nurse to check me I had to go to the bathroom ALOT. They have that newspaper like toilet paper OUCH!!!!! Boy did that hurt. They checked me and I was only 1 cm dilated they sent me home. Two hours later my contractions where 2 minutes apart we went back to the hospital and I was 3 cm dilated. I was in labor for only 6 hours.
The down side to all this is that my dd was born with physilogical(Spelling??) jaundice and the hospital was making such a hugh issue out of it. We had to stay in the hospital for 5 days. Thank God they had no beds available in the pediatric unit because they were going to make her stay and me go home. Instead they let us continue our stay in the room she was born.
I am sorry I am rambling but after all that we went thru I would never ever ever do anything again to induce labor.
I truly believe if I did not take the castor oil and let my dd come into this world when she was good and ready, she would not have had the jaundice. She was 2 weeks late and my ob wanted to induce me.
After discovering this wonderfull community at MDC I now realize I have the option to sat no to anything I do not feel is right. Let nature take its course.
Again sorry about the rambling.
Hopefully your db will come on it's own without having to get any sort of inducing. Keep me posted and take care.
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i don't know if you are dilated at all but my midwife applied evening primrose oil to my cervix and that helped, but she strongly discouraged castor oil because she says it will only help if the baby truly is ready, otherwise you are just putting your body through some undue stress.
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I used both. Casteroil didn't work (but i didn't get much down - this is some seriously nasty crap) the cohoshes worked. I am not certain which is which but one ripens the cervix and once your cervix starts to soften up you begin taking the one that starts the contractions. It went so smooth for me. i also did nipple stimulation while i was taking it . i took whatever the book "wise woman herbal " said to use. i think it was like 10 drops per hour. not much. Of course I was two weeks over due so it didn't take much.
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I did castor oil at 10 day past due date. It did nothing but make me poop my pants and vomit. (beautiful image, eh?) I also was not effaced at all.
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