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June mommas with our 10 and 11month olds!!! - Page 9

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OMG...Did y'all see LOST?????????????????????????: :

'I wont ruin it for those who had to Tivo, but OH my LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I remember getting weary of nursing dd, she was a biter to contend with. But I still felt sad when she weaned.
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AAAhh! DON'T ANYBODY RUIN IT FOR ME!!!! La la la, I'm not listening!!!

I'm only just done with season one

About the nursing, thanks to all of you for caring so much and for having so many wonderful ideas. Yeah, I have thought of/tried/looked into just about all of those in my quest to cope with my boy
Emmy, that was a good point about the solids though. He skips for a few days at a time, but it's not because I'm not offering, he's just not interested. So then, he must get frustrated with my supply being a bit lower all around from the days when he does do solids. That makes sense that he would nurse soooo much.

Right now we do homemade babyfood. He eats potato and spinach, apple sauce, carrots, and random things like rice, oatmeal, and whatever is on my plate. But some days he just doesn't want any. Maybe I should take the stinky-poop plunge and start meat? During the day he nurses about every 2-3 hours at least, if not more.

I'm a bit torn about where to have him sleep, 'cause I think you're right Davina, I have no idea how to co-sleep without letting him nurse. Aside from duct tape on my nipples of course!

Bama--We actually didn't start co-sleeping till quite recently with the new king sized bed, because he does like his own space. He sleeps no better or worse now : but I at least don't have to get up, most of the time.
I LOVED your pictures! You guys are such a pretty family!

Selena--welcome back and good luck with summer school!

Meli--I am so sorry to hear about your house hope woes! What a let down!

On another note:

When do babies start to understand the word "no"? Right now it's cute that he understands "bonk" and "eye", but when I get my stern voice on and say "no" he pauses and then giggles. :

And, Who's got Mother's Day plans?
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When I say "No" Cully shakes his head furiously back & forth.

BAMA - LOST!!!!! HOLY CRAP HOLY CRAP HOLY CRAP!!!!!! For some reason my sister couldn't get ABC last night (and she has the same cable we do) so she was freaking out, called me to make sure I was tivoing it so she could come over and watch it Saturday. I called her right after the episode and told her she had to get her butt over here tonight and watch it, that she could NOT wait til Saturday!!! I seriously said "WTF" about 17 times last night.

Without giving anything away, I'm guessing the first thing was the deal he made, and the second thing was just an accident, kwim?
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Emmy...That's what i think too. An exchange...i just finished telling Dh about it...he was like WHAT???????
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AAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWW...Schuy just learned to push a little car and crawl at the same time!!! I looked into the foyer and he was sitting there amusing himself with a little pop car...how sweet!!

And ....I just had to change one of those poops that went EVERYwhere....all up the front. Ugh...all in his folds and his intact peepee. yuck!
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This is Schuy today....:

anybody close enough to babysit today?? Ha, ya right
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This is Schuy today....:

anybody close enough to babysit today?? Ha, ya right
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oops double post
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Gwen's been that way a lot the past few days. Now she's coughy and teething.
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Hey all,
You're right, Bama, I did start him on formula around Christmas-time, but have been nursing a couple times a day and a couple times a night since then. I'm still fighting that infection, although now that I am hardly nursing him it's not such a problem.

I was able to night-wean while co-sleeping too, using the NCSS. It wasn't such a big deal for us. I was really really unhappy about night-nursing at that point so it was easy for me to dissuade him from nursing (if memory serves dh was a big help too) rather than just let him latch on and go back to sleep.

Danny does seem to understand "no" -- like when he's going for the electrical cords I'll say, "No no no Danny, babies can't play with electrical cords." He'll look at me with a serious look on his face, and if he goes back for it (which he doesn't always do) I'll take him away.

He will NOT go to sleep today, it is driving me bananas! He is usually such an easy baby that when he's not I just don't know what to do with him. Twice today I was sure he was ready to go to sleep, but after I gave him a bottle it just perked him up. I brought him up here to go on the computer with me since that usually puts him out (he sits in the sling and puts his head on my shoulder) but no go. Sigh. I have noticed that when he does go to sleep in the playpen in the computer room (that is he falls asleep and I put him there) he sleeps really soundly -- I don't know whether it's the white noise of the puter, or just being on another floor and away from the household activity. Whatever it is, it makes me even hotter on moving his crib up here soon.

I am so jealous of all you Lost watchers --- we've been working on the first season on DVD too, and haven't even finished that yet!
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Originally Posted by bamamom
If you're gonna take up an offering, I want one of those big Hoover Steamvac Carpet Scrubbers!!

my paypal addy is shealef@msn.com
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OKay, I'm checking our Dr. Gordon and night weaning because I wouldn't mind day nursing as much if I could get a better night's sleep.

We just started watching Lost seriously with the recap episode and WTF? Wow, that was awesome this week. The previews look rgeat for next week too. And I think it was a deal and an accident also, but I don't know that I'd be that trusting.
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NCSS worked well for us night weaning. ...then he weaned completely. it's been almost 2 months now i miss it so much and still offer him a boobie for comfort but he wants nothing to do with it. he still loves his paci and goat milk though,

grace-you are so srtong for going on as long as you have! major props to you. remember "what baby needs most is a happy rested mother" (or something like that) can you tell i've been reading my Fussy baby book as for the meat idea, SPud has stinky poo and he doesn't eat meat. he can't because it constipates him horribly.

bama-OMG!!! schuy is fricken huge! you have adorable kids

a confession.......i've never watched Lost:

meli-we have the house drama going on here too. it's driving me batty.

today is dh's birthday. he's 26 and says he feels ancient...so i made him a green cake and will enjoy telling him he's so old his cake molded. yes, i know that 26 isn't that old but it's still fun to tease him.

any of your dc's down to just one nap a day? Spud has no sort of sleep schedule. he just does whatever. today it was a one nap day and he seems fine with it.
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Today was one of those days./.... you know........: :

There are just no words, so I hope the smilies work...at least he is in bed and she is going to bed.

Nothing like bedtime to make a bad day better!!

How is everyone else??
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Word! Danny pooped in the tub, and Miles threw up on the couch -- dh is still not home and Danny is STILL UP!!!:
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OH NO!!!!!!!! It must be in the air....my dd now strips off her poop diapers when i am not around..then i must go on poop search to scrub carpet:
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Ok..off with me. I must go put up food and maybe just maybe get a real sit down bath before one of the rugrats cries again!

goodnight mamas! See ya tomorrow!
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then i must go on poop search to scrub carpet
ugh went thru this for months w/ brody. yucko
Before bed, we sat and watched a video. I get up to get their toothbrushes ready... come back to catch Brody's vomit in a dirty shirt. Take that to the laundry room... hear grunting and come back to Gwen's first solidish poop... it's on the floor. Glad it picked up easily... GAG!!! Get that cleaned up, brush brody's teeth and find gwen sitting in the dining room in more poop. Yay. lol
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