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June mommas with our 10 and 11month olds!!! - Page 2

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Yeah SharonAnne, that sounds like it could get crazy!! Good luck!

For Elaina's birthday I believe we will be doing a joint bday bash with my niece who as you all may recall is three days older than Elaina... we're planning on a yummy (read: not nutritious) cake for the big people and making a healthier, less sugary little cake for each of the girls. And that's about as far as the plans have gotten. I've been having fun shopping for presents though It's hard not to go overboard... I know I'm going to get her a ride-on toy and I want to pick a few smaller things out too, so hard to chose with such wonderful things out there!

MCS - how funny&cute about Eisa's 666 bday!

la mamita - Lost... hrm, how to summarize such a show. A bunch of people get planecrashed on an island that has all sorts of weird stuff going on, you get the present story of them on the island mixed in with the character's backstory and see how it all ties together, and you spend a lot of time wondering what the heck is going on with the island It's worth renting and checking it out I think

Davina - I think Elaina might be getting those teeth too.. she has been wanting much more time in mama's arms and won't let me stray far. Then again, maybe it's seperation anxiety? Maybe being almost a walking baby has her feeling all vulnerable? *shrug*

Grace I am glad things are a bit better for you & Titus right now - hopefully they will stay good. I want to echo the others and say you are one amazing mama and Titus is a lucky little guy for sure. And too cute to boot! I just want to kiss each roll.
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Okay you guys, I am almost back for good! Our new computer is in the process of being shipped and i should be online in just a few days!!! Woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You guys have no idea how much I have missed you !

Schuyler is absolutely enormous now, and turbo crawling everywhere. He is maybe 17ish pounds. Probably not huge compared to Titus, lol, but huge for us!

See you guys soon! Love, Bama
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just a big yay that bama is back!!!

fey- lost sounds interesting, i will definitely check it out.
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Yay Bama! Let the party begin!
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If you get the DVD's of lost atleast you watch repeats! That is my one complaint with the show! REPEATS!!!! I think total they have had about 5 episodes. I'm probably exagerating but not by much! Cable is getting really cheesy! But I do like the show!

Well I have to go! House crisis!
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Hooray, bama!

And yay that Schuy is a chub! Can't wait to see some pics!
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yay bama!

.....in other news, i found goat milk and ds drank it without puking!!!
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woohoo for goat milk!!!

Hey, Bama!!!

Joey had her first visit to a chiropractor today! She did soooo well, and she's sleeping like...well, like a baby :

The chiropractor we went to see specializes in babies, children and pg women. She was a patient of my midwives' due the same time we were all due with our little munchkins. We met at my midwives' office. So, we caught up. Her ds reminds me of Titus! He's such a roly poly little guy! SOOOOOOOOOO cute!

So, Joey got adjusted today and was in a great mood all evening. I'm getting adjusted on Thursday. I can't wait!
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Oh, no, he won't take a bottle. He did, while he was still really out of it from surgery, but by the time he had nursed a little he started refusing bottles no matter who they were from. Actually he will still sip Pedialyte out of a bottle. I wonder if it's the pumped milk he's refusing, not the bottle itself? Hmmm. We may need to experiment!

That's a good point. I had a glass of wine with dinner once when I had finished feeding him for the day. We had our follow-up appointment with the surgeon today and he said that everything looks great. Even gave us the go-ahead to have bathtub baths and get the incision site wet.

Congrats on the goat milk working!

Yikes! Ear infections sound miserable, even worse than teething. Poor kiddo. Glad he's feeling better now. I know what you mean about being in love with your boy. I'm so happy that DS' personality has completely come back! Tonight he flashed a grin at DH and it was like being struck by Cupid's arrow -- and I was just a bystander. My mom's cousin plans a big joint family BBQ every summer. We missed last year's because I was in the hospital recovering from my c-section. This year's is actually on DS' birthday. I'm not going to give up having a special party for him because this wacko cousin wants to go to a park. Ugh. Long story, but it's not the way I want to celebrate his 1st bday. Oh, and we are hooked on House like you are on Lost.

I'm with you on the party and decorations and stuff. I just don't want the day to get lost in the shuffle. I think the daylight is why I'm having some trouble with DS and naps during the day. He usually sleeps just fine at night, but during the day it's a crap shoot as to whether or not he will lay down on his own. He's starting to have some trouble at night too. I think he's dreaming more and they aren't all good ones.

I hear you about the gifts! MIL bought DS 17 gifts for Xmas. Insane. And this was after she told us that she was going to have to tone it down this last Xmas because finances weren't what they had been before. I told DH that she gets one more chance to redeem herself and buy an normal amount of presents for his bday. If she goes nuts again, I'm going to flip and tell her she can buy all she wants but she is not going to make my son think that holidays and bdays are about things. She can either spread them out and bring them over time, she can bring them all but he only gets to open a few (we spread them out over time) or he can open them all and then she can watch us pack some up for the Salvation Army. I'm a total pack-rat who is trying very hard to change my ways and SHE KNOWS THIS. Then she literally filled up our downstairs with gifts at Xmas. Insane. This kid has so much stuff he can't possibly play with it all. I guess I'm just really paranoid that he'll either have my pack-rat gene and not be able to part with things, or will not be able to see that when the family gathers to celebrate a holiday or a birthday the most important thing is getting to spend time with these people not the gifts they bring.

Don't think we've met yet. Nice to meetcha!

As I said above to Emmy, our follow-up with the surgeon went well today. The best news was that DS has healed well and can have real baths to help get the steri-strips off. It's obvious that they or the glue holding them on is itchy to the poor guy. The surgeon doesn't need to see him again, and said to have a follow-up with the cardiologist in a week or two. The other good news is that while we have to keep giving him the heart meds for now, the surgeon thinks that the cardiologist can wean him off of those and he won't need to be on meds forever!
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Kathleen, that is seriously awesome news - the follow up went well, he's healing well, and hello BONUS about not needing to be on the heart meds forever!!

BAMA - it's about time, sister!!! : Hope to see you around here a lot more
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Kathleen-great news! i hope things continue to go well!
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Another good night of sleep, starting out with a 5 hour stretch Where has this little boy been?!?

Kathleen-- Yay! I totally love your description of Cupid's arrow, that's just how it feels sometimes And Bama is one of our founding members from waaaay back when, but she's been without a computer for a long, long time. The thread always goes nuts when she shows up
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Grace, YAY for good sleep!!! Joey's sleeping pretty well once she GETS asleep, but she's having a hard time falling asleep lately. She crawls all over the bed, and climbs all over me for a good hour before she finally passes out in some awkward position.

Business is really starting to pick up. Which means I spend my days working instead of surfing the net now.

Hey, do you guys realize that thsi time last year we were really starting to complain about late pregnancy woes? I can't wait to be pregnant again.

Hope everyone's having a great day!
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Originally Posted by SharonAnne
I can't wait to be pregnant again.
Crazy, crazy woman! I am excited at the thought of having more kids, but pregnancy? No way! Once I got over the initial excitement the first time around, I started disliking the whole "getting fat and a myriad of other side effects of growing a person" thing. Alot!

Whew! I just got in from a 2 mile run Give me a little sleep and I can take over the freakin' world
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Oh Grace, that sounds like so much fun! An actual RUN?! Awesome! I wish that I didn't have to work all day. By the time I'm done up here, I've got no energy for running, and it's starting to get dark, anyway.

I don't know...I'm a weirdo. I seriously loved being pregnant. Even while I was complaining about by sore back and heartburn, I loved it. I can't wait to do it again. Seriously.
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There were things about it I did like, but the 65 pound weight gain, the swollen ankles, the excessive sweating, peeing every 1/2 hour....ick.

I really liked the feeling of a baby kicking in me. I also liked the 4-5 month stage when strangers start opening doors for you, but you are still pretty darn comfy.
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Allright ladies! Go read my blog (in my siggy) and give me props so my other friends know I'm not crazy!
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I loooooooooved being pregnant (you know, up til that whole last couple weeks thing, where people look at you like you're going to shoot a baby out of your crotch and into their lap at any minute, and you have 1 pair of drawstring pants and an oversized tank top that fit you).
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Davina--could you dig up that old link to the Dr Jay Gordon article on night weaning? All of my bookmarks were lost when my computer hiccupped recently

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