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My dh has a son that lives in Flordia and we live in IL. We don't get to see him much because of finances and my dh's ex won't cooperate with visitation and we haven't had enough money for a lawyer. I know this sounds biased, but keep in mind this ex really has some emotional problems, but anyways, she doesn't encourage their son to call his dad "father", she has the boy call every new guy she is with "dad". She just got married and is trying to suggest that we should let their son change his name to HER new husbands last name, so they can feel more like a "family" My dh does not get to see his son as much as he would like but he loves him to death, and she constantly almost encourages them not to be close. It is so frustrating, he won't call My dh "dad" because he doesn't think he really is because the mom encourages her past boyfriends to be called dad, or papa. It really hurts me and how much she tries to create barriers just because she is insecure and unhappy. She constantly puts my dh and me down, but we try to stay nice and be cool so we can even talk to the son. I know many people have frustration with ex's of their partners, I just needed to vent, anyone ever have the distance/visitation problem?