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The April 24th weekly thread. How is everyone doing?

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Hey everyone! How are you gals all doing?

I'm feeling decent today. I threw up first thing this morning on an empty stomach so there wasn't anything to throw up...just sort of dry hacking...picture the cat hacking up a hairball....it was exactly like that! Once I got some breakfast I felt much better!

I'm actually getting some house work done. I feel functional. This is a nice change....and a necessary one as my house is a total disaster. I have an appointment with the homebirth midwife at my house on Thursday and I have to get it shaped up before then. When I say it's a mess....I ain't kidding! My dh is gone all week too. He'll be back late Friday.

Dd is being charming so far today which is really sweet. She's such a good kid. I just love her easy going nature. It makes it easy to get thru the day when she's so cooperative and independent in playing.

I'm working at home a bit today too. I have a lovely standard poodle to groom. She's such a nice dog. I highly recommend them as pets.

Off to finish grooming!
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Crappy. As usual. I haven't had a migraine yet in the past couple of days though! I spent all of Saturday throwing up. Everything that went into my mouth (including water) was thrown up within seconds. It was awful. I had no energy and I was so weak. Sunday I woke up, threw up a couple times, ate, and was able to keep it down. Then for some reason, I got a HUGE burst of energy and worked and worked and worked all. day. long. I mowed the front and back yard, cleaned the entire downstairs, did 3 loads of dishes, 5 loads of laundry, cleaned both bathrooms, one bedroom, and the loft upstairs, made lunch and dinner, met someone at mcdonalds to buy some cloth diapers from her (3 BRAND NEW bumkins for only $15!! What a deal!) and still managed to be done before 10pm. I did it all by myself too. Dh didn't help a bit. However, I was in severe pain by 10:30 pm. My back hurt so bad I could hardly walk. I usually put some arnica cream or bengay on it so I asked dh if he could do it for me.
He decided it would be best to mix theragesic, bengay, and tigerbalm together to put on my back. Bad bad bad idea. I had a bad reaction to it and got a chemical burn. My entire back is bright red now and hurts so bad. We washed it off right away when I felt it like it was fire, but it just wasn't soon enough. We put arnica and aloe vera on it. Later we put some burn cream and stingeze on it and that helped so much. Still hurts though. :
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I'm starting to feel more and more like myself...yay! I'm fine most of the day now. Still a little rough around the edges at night but the fog seems to be lifting! I had a tougher night last night...threw up and went to bed at 8:30...but it's not quite the same level as it has been. Dh put ds down last night...really cute! I usually nurse him to sleep, but last night, with falling asleep before everyone else, ds actually didn't ask to nurse. Wow! All in all, the energy is coming back. I managed to do some gardening on Saturday and we had a busy day yesterday too! Oh and I'm able to go on walks again!

Karen- Poodles are the cutest aren't they! I have an affinity for pugs myself but my family is gaga for poodles so I've grown up around them.

Kathryn- Yikes, that rash incident sounds terrible. At least you got a lot done before it though!
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I'm more exhausted than ever. Kind of dizzy also. I can barely do the laundry without getting wiped out. Now I can't exercise with the bleeding, and I 'm wondering if that is what's making me feel so much worse. I'm just waiting for this stupid bleeding to stop so I can get back to normal life!

My dd is being really good lately and playing independently also, it is funny how much I appreciate it now that I really need it!

And Kathryn, that back thing sounds terrible, we are always putting something on my back also, so I'll have to remember not to mix!
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Doing well here.My coffee machine seems to be broken though and that made for an unpleasant morning we spent the day at Balboa Park for the Earth day fair and it was alot of fun.I met up with a fellow pregnant mama who is 2 weeks ahead of me.But i spent all day in the hot sun and have a burnt nose.Oops.Preparing to move as well.I am 15 weeks now,could use way more sleep but that is because my babe is nursing non stop!

Sorry to all you puking mama's!
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luckily we got some rain here in atlanta, and it helped to wash some of this crazy pollen away. last week i struggled with my sinuses and that made me feel out of wack and dizzy. since the rain i've been feeling better! hoping to get back to my walks this week.

hugs to all of those still feeling icky.
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I'm able to eat more now, but it is no where near a balanced diet. I'm feeling pretty ok, completely overwhelmed but that has to do with with this house (we are remodeling another house) that will never be finished, and the knowledge that once we're finally done with it, then I have to pack up everything and move. Makes me tired just thinking about it.
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First off to all the mams still feeling ill my heart goes out to you!

We are at 17 weeks now and I am feeling a lot better. DH dd and I spent the weekend outside (where we had actual sunlight!!). We went to farmers market and Saturday market......... it was just lovely. I can feel the bean swimming around in there and that is wonderful. I had almost forgotten how much I loved that feeling!
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I haven't had much of a problem with MS but nasty smells make me ms. My DD Yakira is just starting to eat more solids, so it's really not pleasant changing messy diaper 3X/day. I can't bring myself to wash the CDs, DH been doing the wash on those for the last 16 weeks, LOL, lucky guy. I'm seeing my new midwife tomorrow with my DH for my 1st real appt and meeting her birth asst. The last 2 days have been really rainy so I've been stuck inside..I need some sunshine. All the yards are flooded and soooo muddy that my kids can't even play outside since they don't all have boots and it's too cold to go without shoes. Better days are ahead.
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I started drinking protein shakes last week due to my aversion to protein right now on my MW suggestion and my energy level has really increased.
We had my DD 2nd b day at a park on Earth Day and it was so much fun!
Hot sun but nice breeze.
I think I'm about 14 weeks now.
Heard the HB today and it was 160 and strong! (and only ONE!!)
I am also able to eat more now. I did not have ms but just no appetite for a while.
Glad to hear all is going well mamas!

to you Kathryn!!
Hope your back is better soon.....
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I've been able to eat more often during the day and I can't even begin to describe the changes that's making.
Also, since my chiro adjustment my migraines are down. Thank GOD! My chiro showed me that I had so much tension in the back of my neck that it was pulling on my eye. She put her fingers in that pressure point and OUCCCHHHH that hurt so bad, I could feel the tension all the way along the top of my skull and behind my eyeball - but it's better now.

DD was mad at me and asked to nurse out of anger. First time in well over two weeks. I told her, "No," we don't get things with that kind of 'tude - you have to ask nicely. She harumphed off and then forgot about it 15 seconds later. Guess she didn't really want to.
Sometimes she would do that when she was very upset and then bite or scratch my breast. It was a way to quickly get attention when she was being disciplined. So, as you can imagine I discourged this!

I feel so huge.
Last night I lay flat on my back and sucked in my stomach and you could clearly see this HUGE baby lump!! It looks so weird, like you could pick it up and walk away with it or something. DH thought it was funny that I am so obsessed over how weird that bump is. He puts his hands on either side and bounces baby back and forth.

Also, my breasts are swelling up. I never noticed it while DD was still nursing, but now I'm really seeing it!! Even my 'bad breast' is swelling.
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I'mglad some of us are feeling better!

Kathryn, that chemical burn sounds terrible! Lesson learned on mixing topicals huh! What a terrible thing to experience. I hope it is better soon.

Avani, I can't believe you are getting anywhere near the coffe machine! I can't stomach the smell of the stuff anymore - and I love good coffee. I figure it will be a few years til I have another cup. I won't have it while pregnant or nursing for the first year at least. Maybe I can handle a little decafe after that.

I've had some minor headaches but no migraines. I really hate a headache. I don't know how you ladies deal with migraines! I am glad chiropractic helps. It's great to have a tool to help.

My energy faded fairly quick today but I did get some things done first.

Anyone anemic? My family practitioner thought I was anemic when she saw me three weeks ago. She suggested I start the floradix supplement as soon as I quit throwing up. I need to start that, maybe mid day, which seems the least likely time of day for me to puke.
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Originally Posted by PuppyFluffer

Anyone anemic? My family practitioner thought I was anemic when she saw me three weeks ago. She suggested I start the floradix supplement as soon as I quit throwing up. I need to start that, maybe mid day, which seems the least likely time of day for me to puke.
My MW suggests Nettles tea and alfalfa for low iron. I thought I was but suprisingly was not. It must of been my lack of protein...
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IM feeling well eating better some days then others.

Still havent felt any flutters yet AND this is my second.

I go to the cardiologist on friday so im thinking good healthy heart thoughts.

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That's not pain relief, it's more like Nalpalm! Feel better soon.

I just read an article that ws recommended about weight gain during pregnancy, and now i am all freaked out. According to Dr. Luke I should be eating 3500 calories a day! Including 10 oz. of meat or fish daily. Ummmm I'm a vegetarian with No inclination to eat any meat or fish. Believe me, if I could I would certainly give it a try, but I still find it revolting. I should also gain 24 lbs. by 24 weeks. While that doesn't sound bad that means I have 20 lbs. to go in only 10 weeks! I just can't eat this much without professional help.
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I thought I was feeling better. Then I decided that I'd try to start weaning off of the unisom/B6 that's been keeping my borderline hyperemesis under control. Did not work the way I had hoped. I just tried to cut out one dose per day, and I was back spending the day running between the couch and bathroom. Guess I'll wait a couple of weeks to try that again.

Other than that, things are okay. I'm seriously considering an unassissted birth. When I think about it, I've wanted a UC for each of my previous births, but it's never worked out. DH is uncomfortable with the prospect of a UC, but he is coming around. He's already a big homebirth advocate, so I'm pretty sure that he will be more comfortable with the concept as he has more time to think about it.

Michele- I haven't felt the baby yet either. This is my 4th pregnancy, but I don't usually experience quickening until around 18-20 weeks.
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I am doing OK - hanging in there with the morning sickness and sleepy days! I soooo look forward to the day when I can brush my teeth without gagging and throwing up - ah, the little things... I have been addicted to homeade smoothies these days, however, and find I can keep them down so that is a bonus! My blender has never been used so much!!!

I also am feeling and looking huge - I had someone ask me when the baby was due the other day - at least I know I am begninning to look pregnant rather than "fluffy"! Jeremy keeps torturing me with the whole idea of having triplets since my belly is so big - I told him he'd better be prepared to pay for a Mommy's helper if there are three in there!

Kiera got a "big girl" booster and it really has been helping her eating of solids which is nice for me so now I don't have to feel like the only source of food...I love nursing her but the 12 times or so a day was really wearing me out. Now it's down to like 8-10 times a day which is just more manageable!

I guess that's about it...Hugs to all of you who still are in morning sickness land with me. And Kathryn - I sure hope your poor back feels better! Ouch!
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I've been fine. The sickness is passing, but the stress is up up up : ( I know that is supposd to be a fertility chart, but it is my stress chart!)

It is finals time, but my 3 yo has an upper respritory infection so no studying has been done here! Also, I am trying to sell my house and have so much junk to clear out. It is just a mess!

The baby is fine, though! I've been feeling little movements! I can't wait to meet him or her.
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Evergreen - I feel you about finals - good luck and hopefully you will be able to get studying done...I haven't been getting any done either...
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mamajody, who's this Dr Luke to counsels 3500 calories a day? I have been counting mine, and am counting myself as having a good day if I make it to 3000. And 10oz of meat or fish??? I'm not vegetarian, but have been really wary of meat since getting pregnant... Maybe the baby is trying to tell me something?

I am feeling okay these days. Just when I thought the 'morning' sickness was gone, I have been queasy in the evenings again these past few days. Blech. I am trying to get back in the habit of swimming before work a few days a week. I went this morning, and am feeling completely wiped out. This is me at my desk ---->

Good luck with your exams, ladybugchild77 and Evergreen!
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