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update on baby poop

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I am sure that everyone has seen my threads about baby poop...lol..well the journey continues...the people taht have read my other threads know my concerns about Olivers poops, being green, orangy reddy, yellow and all the mix between...well I cut out milk from my diet...and poof...totally normal yellow poops. So though we are gratful to figure this out I would like to know what you all think this means? does it mean its an allergy? an intolerence? undigestable? thoughts? why does dairy effect him in this way? My oldest also has a milk allergy and I have a bit of one if I eat to much of it.

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I'm working on cuttting all dairy out as well. I don't have anything to back this up, but I believe that dairy(cow) is the #1 sensitivity in babies--like if you're nursing and need to start cutting things out of your diet you try dairy first.

I'm not sure how it plays out later in life. I didn't have this problem at all with my first, but with my second he would get horrible diaper rashes if I had milk/ice cream but not cheese or yogurt. This one (#3) just seems to be much more sensitive to my diet.

Honestly, we're just not meant to eat dairy. Personally I know it's just not a tolerance that my father's line has. I've seen a chart breaking down traditional foods by ethnicity, and I'm just not from a dairy tolerant group.
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