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twins diagnosed at 36 weeks 5 days....

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Hey ladies.

Baby #7 just turned into Babies 7 & 8.

Baby A is in the birth canal, facing my spine like a good kid, with a heartrate of 140ish. Baby A's behind and legs are hidden under Baby B. oh and I'm 7cm and 80% as if that means anything other than "sometime between today and May 24." right?

Baby B is transverse across the top of my fundus, head under my ribs on the right and behind under my stomach and it has girl parts. Baby B has a heartrate of 160s.

Have found a MW who will attend us and cut her fee to $800 for us. Have a 2nd U/S on Thursday at 11 a.m. to confirm the findings from today's U/S. And to see if I keep Spinning Baby, if Baby B will move any. Although I have full confidence Baby B will move to follow Baby A out.

The funny thing is that last July 28, I told my DH that I wanted us to talk about birth control because I didn't want ANY MORE babies... at least not for a few years. LOL

So how about the name Samuel Benaiah if Baby A is a boy?
Baby B is Eden Renee.
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Oh my gosh, what a surprise!!

I hope the news is settling in well - that's pretty major, going from prepping for one baby to prepping for two!

Double congratulations - And hugs to you, mama!
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Wow! How crazy! Good luck to you... with 6 already, I am sure your experience will make you an excellent mama of these surprise twins! lucky babies...
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Was this your first ultrasound this pregnancy or did they miss it on other ultrasounds?
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Wow!!! I can't imagine having that sprung on me so late in pregnancy, what a shocker. Your names are so beautiful and original, I have never heard of the name Benaiah before. Congratulations!
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WOW WOW WOW! Now that leaves NO time for mental preparation! love the names and congratulations!
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that must have been quite a surprise! were you measuring ahead all this time? double congrats!!
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crashing from aug. Congrats congrats! Okay I think you are lucky to have made it this far without any of the stress knowing you are carrying twins can bring! You are in the clear at this point, good luck!
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It must be totally mind boggling to find out this far along but also really exciting! My MW thought I was pg w/ twins so I ended up getting an u/s a couple wks ago to confirm that there is only ONE baby in this belly. Anyways, CONGRATS and GOOD LUCK!!!
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Wow you seem so calm.

I hope you have a fabulous birth and that baby B gets her head in the right place, I'm sure she is just waiting for some space.
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Wow! Congrats and I LOVE the irony of the bc talk! Enjoy your babes!
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Wow- no wonder you couldn't figure out what position baby was in. Two babies, wow!
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I had been planning an unassisted birth and had been doing my own prenatal care. I'd been suspecting twins since February, and just couldn't decide whether to seek confirmation or just let it be a surprise. I finally decided I was going to be a hormonal mess until I found out for sure! Now I sort of wish I'd waited for the surprise... but really it's OK because now I have a little time to sew some more diapers! I checked my stash today and only found 6 newborn fitteds and 18 newborn prefolds... so I cut out 13 more newborn fitteds this evening... used a lot of the older kids' tossed clothes from the Goodwill box, and only had 11 cut out. I mentioned that it would be nice if I could find enough fabric to make ONE more and have an even dozen, and my 9yo ran and brought me his "Bankie." Yes, his lovey blankie from which he couldn't be parted from age 1 to 6 and has lived in his bed even since then.... we were able to cut 2 diapers from it, and he's thrilled that his blankie will be so honored as to cover his babies' tushies. LOL... It's a pretty threadbare blanket... I might have to really reinforce it to make a real diaper out of it... it won't last long...

So DH just emailed his mom.... I have to email my mom. We'd actually already suggested to his mom that we were suspecting and considering an U/S... but we haven't even breathed a hint to my family. So I guess I need to go tell them.... since y'all know LOL....
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Ya gotta update at GCM too, things are moving slow there with all the babes born recently.
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Wowzers! What a blessing~ I am seriously amazed~ What a treat~ Let us know how everything goes!

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Wow, that's awesome! Congratulations!
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Wow! What a gigantically fabulous surprise! That's so sweet about your son bringing you his blankie. : More twins, neat!
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Just crashing your ddc - Congratulations on your wonderful surprise - two babies - what a blessing!
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