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did ebf help you lose the weight?

Poll Results: did ebf help you get rid of the weight?

  • 25% (28)
    yes, i was back to pre-pg weight by the time dd/ds was a month old
  • 36% (40)
    yes, but it took a few months
  • 38% (42)
    no, i'm still carrying all the weight around
110 Total Votes  
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not working for me!! didn't with dd1, and not with dd2 either. i'm having a very difficult time losing. diets don't work with me.

just curious how many people lose their pregnancy weight from nursing.
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Yes, but it wasn't until after nine months of bf that all the extra weight STARTED coming off. Before that I lost some of the weight, then hit a plateau. I know it was the bf that finally helped because I only bf my first for 5 months, it took a couple years before I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight, and I was in my 20's then. With my last child I was 44, it turned out I had a thyroid problem (hypothyroid) and the weight still came off with ebf. I know it doesn't work for everyone though.
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It did nothing for me. Well, I take that back. All through early BF I gained and when i got to EBF i stopped gaining. SO it did a little.
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i don't understand the poll. if you were back to pre-pregnancy weight one month postpartum, then extended breastfeeding had nothing to do with it. : did you just mean any breastfeeding at all? or are you curious about weight loss patterns after one year of nursing?

i gained 19-20 pounds during pregnancy, lost 22 by my 2 week checkup, and lost 20 more after she turned 1. i was doing The Zone though, so i think that had a lot to do with it. i would like to lose another 15, but i honestly don't see how nursing can help me do it. i just need to get off my enormous rearend and exercise! i can say that i have been eating an inordinate amount of junk food lately, and haven't gained a pound. doesn't mean i'm not chubby, i'm just not expanding!

i hope when she finally weans that my breasts will return to a proportionate size. they are still ridiculous looking, though i am glad that they balance out my chubby belly, thighs and rear. :
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Well, I didn't vote because I don't know--there's no way to compare what would have happened if I HADN'T nursed, yk?

So, I'll say this--I gained 40 lbs with each of my first two, and 38 lbs with my third. I didn't *try* to loose any weight, but by 6-9 months post-partum, I was back to pre-preg weight.
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BF helped me lose weight much faster than my non bf friends...BUT...even though I long-term BF (3-4 years each babe) the weight came back after a few years. Seems it only helped me in the begining.
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I think it's mostly a myth!
I didn't my last 10lbs with my first until AFTER I quit nursing at about a year. With my second I exclusively BF until she was 6 mos and she still nurses about 6x a day at 17 mos and I did lose the weight faster but I had 2 kids to chase around!
So who knows!
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I have two children and 2 different outcomes.

Baby # 1 all but 2 lbs came off with a week of birth, the other 2 lbs plus a little more in about another 6 weeks.

Baby #2 all but 10 lbs and the last 10 lbs came off after about 9 months.

Now I exercised 5 days a week throughout pregnacy and started back exercising at 3 weeks with baby #1 and 10 days with #2.

So it probably wasn't all due to nursing
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I lost my 25 lb. pregnancy gain within a week of giving birth.
I lost 15-20 pounds nursing the first year.
I lost an additional 40 pounds in the second year of nursing (I stepped up my exercising).
I've since gained every single pound of it back after she slowed way down in the nursing and started to wean (even though I was exercising a lot).
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I didn't vote because there was no option "No, I had to bust my ass at the gym to make it smaller!" After nine months of bfing without a single pound lost I decided to do the Atkins Diet and I started weight training. Now I'm smaller than I've ever been and the milk is still fine. But it would have been nice if all it took was bfing! Geeze.
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yeah, i did just mean bf-ing, and i'm also considering atkins...i wish there was a healthy abracadabra diet.
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I think I fall into the category of women who keeps hanging onto the last 10 lbs!! : BF helped me lose the initial 25 lbs. But, since I gained about 60 lbs, I had a lot more to go. BF made me plateau for a while at 155, then I lost another 10 lbs; then I plateaued for a couple of months until I got down to 140. Now, I have been stuck for the last 3 months. I work out pretty regularly and am getting much more toned, but the actual weight will not come off! I hate having these extra 10 b.c I have never been this high in weight. Maybe I need to try some type of diet. So far, I have been exercising and watching what I eat b.c I was afraid to jeopardize my bm. DD is noe 13 1/2 mnths, so maybe its time I did something a little more rigorous......Anyway, I'm going off on a tagent....

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Breastfeeding (not extended BF, just BF, period) makes me lose weight at insane rates. I had to eat like a horse the first 17 months post-partum so I wouldn't get light-headed and wonky and lose too much weight too fast. But then my metabolism changed like a ton of bricks when AF returned. I've gained 5 pounds in the two months since.
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Well, I'm not the shape or size I was pre-pregnancy, despite 15 mons of breastfeeding, but you know, NO other part of me remains unchanged so why should my body??? Motherhood is a transformative experience on so many levels, my body being a huge part of that. It may be a new shape and size but it produced this incredible little being and hopefully will produce more. : :
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I was told that a breastfeeding mama SHOULD hold onto 5 or 10 extra lbs.
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I don't weigh myself, but judging on how I looked (and other peoples nosy comments) I was almost back to normal after about 6 weeks or so. My tummy was still kinda flabby for a while longer, but that was just the muscles needing to tighten up. At about 11 months I dropped a bunch more weight and was less then before pregnancy (which is when intrusive relatives would call and tell me I needed to wean because I was "wasting away" : ). I kept losing weight and found myself feeling tired much of the time so I increased my food intake and that helped. Now I am pregnant and nursing I am starving all the time. I am curious to see what will happen when I am tandem nursing. I'll probably eat us out of house and home just to keep up with 2 nurslings.
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It was great when ds was nursing around the clock. I lost all the weight by my 2 week checkup, and then another 10 over the next two months ( I'm about 10-20 pounds over my ideal). However when ds started nursing less I quickly got back up to my pre-preg weight.
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It wasn't ebf that did it, as I'd lost all my pregnancy weight by 6-8 weeks postpartum.
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I gained 40 lbs. during my pregnancy. It took me 8 months to be back down to my pre-preg weight. I was hangin on to those last 10 lbs for a while. Now, 13 months post-partum and EBF I'm 10 pounds less than my pre-preg weight. I feel like I have to eat all the time to keep from losing weight. My son is still an avid nurser and we keep pretty active, so I think I burn lots of calories. Everyone always comments on how much weight I've lost, and I always say it's the nursing, for me anyways...
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I stoped counting after I had gained 50lbs with my pregnancy! That was nearly a month before he was born too! I very well may have gain the most wheight of any pregnany women! However, I didn't weigh very much to begin with. My husband was pretty upset when I surpassed his weight, and kept going.:

I lost the weight kind of slow. By 6 months I was about back to wear I had been pre-pregnancy, but I continued to loose it after a year. Dh worried that I may wirther away into nothing!

Bf helped, but ebf was the key for me!
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