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Free ice cream day

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That's right ladies-free ice cream today at Ben & Jerry's from 12-8!!! Just wanted to make sure you knew.
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I had to come see what that title was about! Too bad I don't live anywhere near a Ben & Jerry's anymore, but I remember taking advantage of the free day when I lived elsewhere.
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Aww too bad there isn't any Ben & Jerry's near here! I might have to go buy my own now that you mentioned it though
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Hmmm, the closest participating store is about 2 hours from here.....but I DO have some Girl Scout Thin Mint chocolate in the freezer....:
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Grrr.... I wish we had a Ben & Jerry's.... but that's so cute that you posted that.
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Oh oh oh! I need some now! Gunna go on a B&J run after DH brings the truck back after work... it's THAT important!
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I know! How incredibly sad is it that 1) I've had this on my calendar for weeks and 2) we have actually planned our evening around this.
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home birth mommy, I LOVE YOU!!!
i would have never known!
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had to look in the phonebook to make sure...no b&j's here. can you believe i have never had their ice cream? oh well...
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Paige: you are tooooooo funny! i was thinking yesterday that i needed to post this here and you must have been reading my mind!!!

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No B&Js near here, but there is a Culvers... frozen custard!
A Wisconsin phenomenon I think.

Last night for supper at work, I had this HUGE bowl of carmel capacchino ice cream. Mmmmm.. heaven.

I think when DH done with work tonight, someone will be making a field trip...

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we have a frozen custard place here. can't remember its name... it's not culvers, though. it's definitely a unique thing around here. Cold Stone Creamery is the latest craze around here. pick your ice cream base, and pick your smoosh-ins, they slap it on a cold slab and mush it up together for you. yumm-a-licious.

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Mmmm, I love that place. My favorite is the birthday cake remix. Wish it was next door and not 20 minutes away.Maybe that is for the best!

I think I am going to go and eat second supper now!
We tease that we have first and second meals, because I eat twice. Kinda like the hobbits in Lord of the Rings.

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Yummm! I'm sitting here enjoying a scoop of B&J's vanilla heath bar crunch! Unfortunately it wasn't free because we don't have a scoop shop around here, but it sure is good! They didn't have my first choice though, Cherry Garcia. Well, they did, but it was the body and soul type and I only like the original.
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MMMMMM! We have a scoop shop here and we took our 6 kids for ice cream. We caught a break, no long lines when we got there but behind us, about 20 people. Mango lime sorbet rocks!
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Our line wasn't too bad, maybe a 5 minute wait. I had strawberry cheesecake ice cream and it was yummy! The line as we were leaving was pretty long. It was so nice of them to do that AND they were handing out buy one get one free coupons.
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oh yeah! i was wondering when this would happen again.
we are so going... hmmm icecream for lunch.
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noteworthy: we joke about "first and second" meals here, too. most often it's first breakfast and second breakfast.

we didn't make it last night because my partner pointed out that the 20 minute drive to the nearest scoop shop would pretty much negate the "free-ness" of the scoops considering the insane cost of gas right now. oh well. i had some chocolate instead.

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K, finally got my B&J last night Had to get it from the store, though... Cherry Garcia and Chocolate Fudge Brownie, yum~!

And what is with these cravings... I got to the store and didn't want ice cream! I forced myself to buy it because I knew that I'd want it later, then I didn't even want it last night. But it's on reserve and I know I'll be thankful this afternoon when I hit the mid afternoon slump.

Craving while I was in the store? ~~~ Frozen veggies, baby! I came home with frozen peas, frozen brussle sprouts, and frozen mixed veggies. Had the brussle sprouts for dinner, yum

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