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Horrid headache

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I have a horrible headache today.: It is making me feel queasy even. I just went to the chiro yesterday & I didn't get the headache until today, so it isn't from the adjustment. Although if it doesn't go away by tomorrow I'll go back. I have been bad about eating in the morning too. I think that is more likely the cause. I just waited too long to eat.

Anyway my question is what have you all been doing to help headaches? I have a homeopathic spray that just isn't cutting it today. I know I can take tylenol, but I'd like to avoid it if I can. What else can you suggest?
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I thought it was going to be nausea that would plague me this pregnancy, but instead it is headaches. Here is what works for me...

I discovered that I will get a migraine when my calcium intake is low. I started taking supplements and that helped reduce the number and severity.

I got these icy patch things from the drug store that smell ok and feel wonderful for nearly 8 hours. They help me function.

Caffeine can help too to constrict the vessels in your head that are causing the pain. Frozen bags of veggies are another favorite for me.

When it gets really, really bad, I take a Tylenol #3 (just one) okayed by my doc. Safe to take, but not in excess. By really, really bad, I mean I am at the take me to the ER pain level and throwing up because it hurts so badly that I think my head will explode. I get photophobic and visual disturbances.

Good luck! Hope it gets better soon!

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I really feel for you! I get the headaches too. I am working on a 5 day headache now. They are constant all day and get really bad at night. I got a massage that didn't help, I am trying acupuncture next week. Canial Sacral therapy gave me some relief. The only thing that has really worked for me was coffee. About 1/2 a cup with meals during the day really does the trick but last night I was up till 11:30. It helps take the edge off, not away but kept the migraine at bay! It really sucks! My nausea went away and was replaced with the headaches! My mw said they are usually hormone related and often go away once the baby is born. That answer was not ok with me! I think I'll go crazy if they don't stop soon!!! Hang in there you are not alone!
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CHIROPRACTOR!!! I can't stress this enough. Go see one!!!

I've been having terrible, horrible, AWFUL migraines and I hadn't seen mine in over 4 months (ugh, big mistake).
When I went just a bit ago she did a really intense adjustment. Keep in mind I have a lot of physical problems that cause me chronic pain so if I wait too long it's always rather uncomfortable.

Anyway... she showed me how my neck was so tense that the muscles were actually pulling on my EYEBALL. Really. That's disgusting, but it's true. When she pushed on my neck in this pressure point I could feel the spasm behind my eye all the way across the top of my skull. That's what is causing my migraines.
She did some really intense work on it, and I haven't had a single headache since.
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I'll second the calls to try a chiropractor. Also, an accupunturist seen regularly (I have a GREAT one who used to be an ob nurse) can do wonders. I take cal-mag powder to avoid headaches and leg pains during pregnancy as well.

LOL with a hug, littleteapot, that is some serious neck tension. Glad it's better now.
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Originally Posted by mojumi
LOL with a hug, littleteapot, that is some serious neck tension. Glad it's better now.
It seriously skeeves me out to think that my neck was pulling my eye! EW.
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