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anyone want to help me add color to my life?

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I need help! My house is boring, and blah...and brown. Well...the main living area anyway...the other living room is empty and the kids run around in there. Here are some photos....Give me ANY suggestions you might have...as well as ideas for cheap...much needed art. Our old house was nice, because it was beautiful without anything because of the woodwork...this place just has...paneling. :

Here are a couple photos
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Big colorful art work on the walls. Bright throw pillows in different patterns. maybe new slip cover. For the toy I would look at storage ideas where they can be up off the floor and still look good. Like a white cube with baskets that fit the cubby to hold stuff. I always prefer to have your TV in something with doors that close, but thats not always possible. Add some lamps, they make the room look bigger. Also fresh green plants. Look at rummage sales or thrift stores. Thats the one draw back to renting, not doing anything too permanent.
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Curtains can be much bigger than their windows. Could you pretend there is a great big window, and put up bright fabric - maybe a bold bright print? Floor length to cover some of the brown.
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Those valances were there when we moved in. I think my landlord really loves brown. The valances are a tacky gold brown....the house is brown...he stained the deck after we moved in....that is brown. This room is actually garden level...the house is a tri-level. The upper living room has a neutral berber carpet and lots of light coming in. But, we just leave it empty. We only have one more year here. The style of home, and everything about it is everything I do not like in a home. But, the yard is nearly half an acre, and has some nice trees. And the deck is nice to have. I just want to decorate in a non permanent way, that reflects us, is homey and comfortable. I dont like the exposed TV anyway, but before buying a cabinet for it, we need new furniture, our furniture is on its last legs.
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I hear you about the furniture we are using my IL's old set that they had in their garage. I am hoping to get some nice slip covers, but for the price of them I might just wait and save to get a new set. The back of the couch is curved and I like straight better. Slumberland actually has a good deal for live a 7 pc living room set for about $1,000.00 alot of money but everything is included. Oh well, someday I will have nice furniture...
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In some magazine I read awhile ago, they hung fabric on the walls as if it were wallpaper to cover ugly paneling. They pulled it taughtly, and nailed or stapled it in the corners and along the edges. They picked a really cool fabric and it looked good. You could also stretch it like an artist's canvas and hang that on the wall - wall size or do smaller shapes and configure them in a unique way when you hang them.

Maybe that would work to cover the paneling - you can just pull it down and fill any little holes when you move out.
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Is that a shelf that runs around the room? How cool! You could display some colorful collections/knick knacks on it (the blue bottle you have behind the TV really stands out), or set a few potted plants there, or whatever strikes your fancy.... Using lots of different sizes, shapes and colors will draw the eye away from the expanses of brown. Also, maybe frame and hang some pictures the kiddos have made. That usually livens up a room. Markers and various paints work well for this because they're so vibrant.
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I agree w/pp about the wall shelf! Potted flowers would be really cool, maybe something red??? You could have some plants that need light at the window.
Good luck
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I have a great idea for cheap art. Buy some heavy paper, 12 x 18 inches, at a craft shop. Have your kids make handprints on the paper with really bright paint colors, or do something like dip shoelaces in paint and drag the shoelaces across the paper, or use a very small paint roller and roll across the paper (even an 18 month old can do this type of art). Buy super cheap 12 x 18 picture frames (or a bigger frame with a 12x 18 matte) and arrange the art as you please. Everyone who enters the room will feel happy.
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