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Chicken Pox in MN

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We are on day 11 today and technically are contagious. Angie has had a slight runny nose for 4 days and had a loose stool night before last. She had a fever of 99 last night. No sign of pox yet. I have heard cold symptoms can be the start of pox.

I am curious if this is too early to have the cold symptoms? Would love to hear opinions.

We are basically parked at home for the next 10 days so if you would like to expose your child in MN we are here. Let me know as I am sure we will get bored and lonely. I have heard you are the most contagious two days before breakout so I guess that would be now.
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One on her face and one on her chest!! I am trying to trust my intuition. She barely slept last night and cried in her sleep. I think this is it but I keep questioning myself. I feel pretty excited and pretty stoked! kjp
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I'm jealous

DH's coworker's daughter has CP (she's vaccinated, too) and I asked DH to talk to her about letting us get exposed, but he doesn't want her to think we're "weird". Blah. The thing is, because her kid is vaxed, she wouldn't even have to know that we don't vax. We could just tell her, "Since the vaccine isn't preventing it anyway, we want her to go ahead and get it while she's a kid, rather than as an adult." He won't do it though. Scaredy cat.
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We're on day 21 of our exposure and nothing. Well, we have a funky rash (I wouldn't think it funky if I weren't waiting for cp! - it's just a slight little rash all over his little bod), but no pox. He finally had a slight fever yesterday so I thought "YAY! it's coming on the last day (day 21)" but alas, no pox or signs of any today either. Oh well. Maybe this is his "version" and he'll still get immunity?! Hmm. I'll expose him next time I "find" it too...

Congrats, mama!
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