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cd's and an (ergo) baby carrier?

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Can anyone tell me if I need to worry while having my dd on my back in the ergo carrier with CD's on? I've heard about "pressure leaks", but I'm not really sure what those are? I'm guessing its from them resting on their bum? Anyway, I don't want her soaking through to the Ergo if I can help it (since it suggests you try not to launder them too frequently). Any suggestions on how to prevent it?

Or maybe you can tell me, there is nothing to worry about and just change dd regularly!
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Pressure leaks do occur with wool and fleece. Just use your PUL and you'll be fine! I never leak if I use a fitted under a Motherease Airflow cover (technically not PUL- but you get the idea). GL!
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I just got an Ergo on Saturday, so I can't speak directly to that carrier yet. We use wool and fitteds and I carry my dd for long stretches in a ring sling without any problem.
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I've never had any problems with my dd and she spent hours in the ergo.
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I've had compression leaking if stuffing pocket diapers with microfiber, but not if stuffing them with hemp or a combination of microfiber and hemp.
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I never had a problem with DD unless she was soaking. (But that almost never happened...I'd usually check her diaper before I put her in it)
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I have never had a compression issue with my baby in carriers I'm sure it will be fine, just don't put your baby in wet
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I work with my son in the Ergo and never had any problems at all. I just change him frequently, but I do that anyway.
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Thanks for all of your replies. I'll be sure to make sure she is "freshly changed" before putting her in it. I love my ergo and my dd spends tons of time in it, I just didn't want to find a big wet spot after an hour or so of shopping etc. I'll also be sure to use it with my pockets or mother-ease airflow cover. I generally use my fitteds/wool covers at night.
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Haha! Funny that you mentioned it since DS once peed all over my back! He wasn't wearing a very hefty diaper/cover though. Some real trim fitted with no doublers and a wool soaker that was a pretty thin cascade yarn to begin with. I learned my lesson though! I think it would have been fine with a more absorbent diaper underneath.
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