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I do it in a really amateurish way (I can't cope with metallic paper, for instance), but our library has some really cool books on the mathematics of origami, folding these incredibly complex geometrical shapes. That side of origami fascinates me. I know there's a woman who teaches elementary math via origami. I guess you could say I'm into geek-origami.

Dd likes the jumping frogs, too. I just ordered her a book on making flowers.
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Hi there!

You might like this link: www.paperfolder.com He has a lot of information and even more links relating to origami and mathematics. I still haven't had the time to fully explore his site, but then I'm in creative mode right now.
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Just noticed this thread.....
I don't do Origami, but my 13 yr. old ds does! He's getting pretty creative, doing some Pandas, trying to fold cranes, and some frogs too.
I just bought him some cool paper to fold with, so nice to see there are others doing this!
Funny story, we were at the library, and the librarian (we are hs's so the librarian knows us!) called my ds through the intercom system. He rushed up to the counter, worried why they would call him. Turns out a lady is up there trying to fold an Origami peice for her daughters wedding, and is having a tough time. Librarian had helped ds find books on the subject so thought he might be able to help. Sure enough, he demonstrated the fold, and our new friend was one happy lady!
Made our day too.
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The link was just a little bit off.
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Aha! Math in Motion was what I was trying to think of. It was mention in the website y'all sent.

Thanks for the link. Dd just decided to learn origami and the only book I have on hand is Hector Rojas' Origami Animals (which, BTW, has reindeer in it). The discussion here had inspired me to pull it out and make some African animals for the African feast we're having later today. The stuff is way too complex for a 7yo beginner, though.

Gotta go fold a whale with her....
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Ooops! Thanks for correcting that link LeafyLady! Not sure what I was doing! LOL

Velveteen, what an awesome story! Your son must have been so proud! Good for him!

I'm not going to get to teach that class I was hoping to....they've decided that they would rather do something else. On the upside, the co-ordinator of the Fine Arts Center is still trying to put something else together for me. We'll see what happens. Right now I'm just busy getting ready for an open air market in the spring and enjoying my creative indulgences.

The very first book that I started out with is called "Amazing Origami for Children" by the Biddles (Steve and Megumi Biddle) The diagrams and instructions are fantastic, and there is a wide variety of projects for folders of all levels. I highly reccommend it for children (and adults) to use!

Have a great day all!
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Does anyone know of any sources for cheap origami paper? I don't want anything fancy, but I would like something 2 sided, different colors on each side, or a color on one side and white on the other.
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I almost forgot. I found a site for
origami roses

I haven't tried them yet, but they sure do look purty.
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I LOVE Origami!!!

For my wedding my attendants and I made about 250 lilies as favors / decorations. I usually get my designs from library books or the internet.

I bought my paper from http://www.kimscrane.com/ which is an at-home business (so I feel really good about supporting it) and they have a good selection with good prices IMO.

The only folds I know off the top of my head are a lily, a crane and a cube shaped "balloon." But I love to make new things and would like to have more memorized.
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Welcome Anna! Sure glad you found us!

Great links ladies! I did start the Kawaski rose once, but have put it aside until I have more time. I also heard a rumor that the "new rose" patterns may have an error in them. I'm not sure which ones I downloaded. I'll have to look into this more when I have time. That standard rose looks just as good as the Kawasaki rose though....I'm definitely going to try that one too!

The paper site looks nice too. I'm not sure I'll order from there as I am in Canada and we really taking a beating on the exchange and such, but it is nice to know it is there if I ever need something. The papers I often use are on the expensive side and not "real" origami paper, but I also use wrapping paper a lot, especially if I need paper with only one colored side. Scrapbookers use some pretty nice paper too.

Happy folding!
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I have a couple of links to share. These are where I like to go to just look and,...... well,...... drool. :LOL




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this is funny, i'm another canadian paper folding weirdo,:LOL i'm enjoying the links you guys found, i haven't done much origami lately but i'm thinking i must get into it again. the one origami thing i learned when i was little and still do whenever i run into a scrap paper on a table is the balloon one. where you blow it up. its always been my favorite, simple, fun and to the point my little 3 year old has been creating her own little folded and crumpled paper masterpeices, i'm thinking maybe she can learn some folding techniques soon.
any how, .... heres a simple kind of link for small kids that want to do origami ........

.......i'd hammer in the morning....
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My 3 yr old likes to crumple up paper and tape or glue it together too, when I'm trying to decipher the origami instructions: He is usually more thrilled with his own creations. When I finally finish my masterpieces, he looks them over and tells me what he thinks needs to change so it can suit his purposes, usually something related to a dragon. One of these days I'll post a pic of one of our modified creations.
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Oh, Leaf, I used the Aloha Shirt on that page for my brother's birthday card last year! I used really gaudy wrapping paper. He loved it! And I never could find the link again, so this time I've bookmarked it. I DID find the directions, though, in Rick Beech's Action Origami, which is a fun book (although I'm not sure how the shirt qualifies as action origami).
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