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Aack... don't scare the OP! Labour pain is good... it's productive pain. I coped really well with it. Pushing was uncomfortable but your body does it for you so in a weird way it feels really good --- in fact, it felt good for 4 hours . :

Most painful... the "freaking" vacuum they used to try and help my son come out... and the subsequent stomach pain after I tried to get out of bed after the c-section.

if you have a birth with very minimal interventions, you'll do great! Good luck!

Also, a few years ago I bent over and picked something up (wrong) and did something to my back so that every step I took I got these insane back spasms. That was much worse than labour.
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Originally Posted by Lizzardbits
I was reading and posting to a birthstory here, and there is another horrible pain that was brought up that was worse than birth for me and that is SCIATICA! the fire that runs down my back, butt, thigh, shin to burn brightly in my foot and then the inablity to walk right...Yeah, I'll take labor over sciatica any day!
I hear ya momma. I've been suffering from Sciatica condition for the last year, since I was pg with DS2, in fact. I'm getting to the point where I can hardly take it. I'm nauseated with pain, and I have to walk dragging my foot along because the nerve is rendering my left side useless. It sucks!

What tops all for me is the pain following a cystoscopy. This is where they fill your bladder with sterile water, then insert a little scope through your urethra to look around for abnormalities. For about 48 hours following, I BURNED from the opening of my urethra to the base of my spine. I passed little clots in my urine...OW! After that, I knew I could handle drug free labors, and I have!
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Believe it or not, I've had migraines that are worse than labor was for me. And I was on pit for two days! I never did make it to transition or pushing, though, just four days of contractions, so maybe the perineal burning would have been worse than my worst migraines.

For me, the difference really was mental. With every contraction, I got through it by knowing it would end in a minute or a few, and that it was productive pain (turns out I was wrong about the productive part-- but that's another story) and thinking HARD about my baby. With the worst migraines, it's like contractions in my head, with no ups and downs and no end in sight. The ONLY conventional medicine I take is for migraines-- I knock myself out with Tylenol PM in addition to hot showers and the rest.
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NOTHING has ever hurt me more than labor.

With my 1st son I was only in labor 2 hours 20 minutes and I went from no contractions to intense contractions 1 minute apart lasting 45 seconds. I had no time to transition into the harder contractions.

With my 2nd son I was only in labor for a little under 3 hours. My water broke at 1:30, had my first contraction around 2:40 am and from that point on it felt like my back was going to split in half. The nurse in the hospital told me just to lay on my back. Didn't suggest any other positions or anything. Well my son came out face up so no wonder it hurt so bad. 3 hours of back labor laying in a hospital bed on my back!!! OUCH.

Both labors were non-medicated.
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