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I am far from having a teenager and I don't pretend to know the first thing about what you are going through, but I have been reading this thread. This must be so very, very hard on you all. I am thinking of you and wishing your daughter, the rest of your family and you all the best.
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I have a bipolar brother and remember well the hell he put my parents through, and still is for that matter. I think it's a wonderful thing you are able to get her treatment- I wonder what might have happened had my brother's problems been treated differently, but as a very low income family our resources were very few. I'm praying that as time goes by she and your family will heal. If she needs med, please, let her have them, but of course have her monitored *VERY* carefully that first week. When my brother was placed on meds at first he wasn't monitored close enough and attempted suicide. Now he is on different meds and doing a LOT better. He's still got a ways to go though.

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I've been following this thread. It really hit home a few weeks ago when I lost my cousin. If my aunt and uncle had been able to see into his thoughts, intervention would have followed instead of the path he took. I think you're doing right by your daughter and one day she'll look back and understand that.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. So very sorry...

If you would like more information on suicide survivor groups or on Compassionate Friends ( a group for bereaved parents) for yourself or aunt and uncle, let me know. I'll send it to you.

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No words- just complete respect for how lovingly you're handling your entire family.
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I hope she will respond well to the help you are getting for her. I understand how difficult that must have been for you to go against your instincts and lie to her in order to be able to take her there. From everything I've read here, I am really admiring your handling of the situation - it seems to me you are doing everything you can to help her.

I'm glad you could finally get her placed in the inpatient situation. I hope you are able to relax a little, and do something to take care of yourself now. (I know you still have a lot on your plate!)
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How are things this week mama?
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