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Hi Trabot!

I'm just off to dig up a package insert for the hib shot...

I have a pack of smart dogs right here. DD gets one dog maybe at one meal 3 days during the week. She eats about half of it and throws the other half on the floor.

the ingredients are as follows, and the label says expressly, no nitrates or MSG:

Water, soy protein isolate, wheat gluten, evaporated cane juice, salt, yeast extract, soy sauce, granulated garlic, carrageenan, spice extract, natural flavors from vegetable sources, vegetable gum, natural smoke flavor, potassium chloride, tomato pulp.

I wonder if they have GMOs in there.

For some reason I thught these were orgnaic but they are not. My bad. They have organic pups at Whole Foods, I should pick those up instead next time...
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yeah, I know the smart dogs don't have nitrites....but I would like to see what they have to say about the Soy stuff....if they have any data.....

If jack didn't smell so many times....I wouldn't be as concerned about soy as I now am....I must say that was disconcerting......

thanks for info....

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by the way, oatmeal. I PM you about ten days ago... I don't think you picked that one up...
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I've been wondering about some of these same questions and noticed that this month's Vegetarian Times has an article that looks at the data on soy and says that it's safe. It might be something that some of you want to check out. I'm not sure how credible they are as almost all of their menus have soy in them. They're obsessed with it.

I think that moderation is key and eating it in its whole foods form as much as possible (not soy product isolate). So, I just try to balance it out. DS loves sauteed tofu, so I never give him soy milk, just rice milk. I'd be even happier if he ate the fermented versions (like miso and tempeh), but he's not quite there yet. And I think the person who recommended food combining is right on target.

What freaks me out is how they add soy to everything now. I have to search for ever to find a snack bar that doesn't have soy (all goode bars). It's just a food people, not a SUPER food. It's even making me start thinking about adding some meat to our diet after 15 years as a vegetarian (but don't tell dh, he'd )

Tough decision, I know

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With the soy hot dogs, many have soy protein isolate. This is supposed to be more hypoallergenic, but for some folks (like me)- it is worse. I can eat plain old tofu or tempeh but if I eat any soy protein isolate I get sick.

Another thing about soy dogs is many contain gluten, which is a big allergy, especially in people of northern european descent.
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Dr. Weill has posted on soy

Dr. Weill also urges parents not to stress out about soy formulas. He also talks about moderation of soy in the diet, etc. But he does think that one can overdo soy.

My former ped (taking a leave, now) non-vax, holistic, was really anti-soy. So Dr.s (even holistic ones) are divided on this issue.

There are some great non-soy, vegetarian, protein sources like beans, milk, eggs and cheese and many more I am sure. I've met lots of vegetarians who say that we tend to overstimate the amount of protein that we need. I agree.

I understand that convenience foods save time but soy "meat" analogs can also contain a good amount of sodium, sugars and fillers - and tons of those things can't be good for kids, right?

I give my kid tofu, tempeh and miso and I'm not about to stop but I do think one can overdo it.

I don't think you'll find anyone who says that the occasional soy burger, hot dog, etc. is a bad thing. Don't panic anyone, but I still think a whole foods diet made up of real foods, for vegetarian and omnivore alike, is a good idea.

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