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Pagan Activist Parents: Any tips?

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I hope I'm putting this post in the right place. I need to ask some advice of the Pagan parents who consider themselves activists. (Sort of new at this.)
A Pagan mother in a neighboring county, where I lived for 2 years, has asked us for help. She is being harrassed by her husband's ex wife, who was in law enforcement and now works for CPS. As a result of the ex's interfering, Dahlia is no longer allowed to practice her religion in the presence of her 8 year old stepson, nor is she allowed to expose him to anything related to her religion. (Books off the shelves, paraphernalia out of sight, etc.) A friend of hers, who works closely with the ex, overheard the ex saying she would do "whatever it takes" to obtain full custody of the child. (So it seems they share custody at this point.)
Our friend has asked us to help organize a protest at the county courthouse. She has heard from legal counsel; they say her 1st Amendment rights have definitely been trampled, and she does have a case. My question is, having never been involved in a protest of any kind, let alone organizing one, can you offer advice? Do's and don'ts? We'd like to keep it peaceful, respectful and family-friendly. (For the record, I have always been politically active, voted every year, but nothing beyond that. The judge who made the ruling in her case is up for re-election soon.)

Thanks in advance,
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Contact author Phyllis Currot. She is a an attorney and she is pagan.
She should be able to give some advice. You can email her through her website.

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Oh, and contact the Pagan Federation International at www.us.paganfederation.org
or www.paganfederation.org
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Thanks much for the links and suggestions. I had thought of Phyllis Curott, but wasn't sure if she was in circulation anymore. Our friend in Rhea County contacted the Lady Liberty League, and was told that they "didn't provide legal counsel". I figured at the very least, they could provide a link to someone who has been through this before, who could offer suggestions.
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