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Spinoff: Baby Item Must-Haves

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Want to make a list of baby items? Categorize it by "Essential," "Nice to have, but not necessary," and "Forget About It!"

If you have a particular brand of product you like, tell us about it.
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Um, boobies, a blanket... that's about it for the must haves, right?

No, We're trying to only get the basics here's what we have so far/are planning on getting

14 newborn AIOs
2 doz infant prefolds (CPF)
2 doz premium prefolds
about 3 covers in each size (we're going to at least part time EC, so not be using as many covers)

3 receiving blankets (hoping more as gifts

Convertible car seat

Newborn clothes:
4 short sleeve onsies
2 long sleeve onsies
2 romper 1-peice outfits
2 sleep gown things
(really hoping that family and stuff decides to buy us some more clothes )

Pouch sling that I made

Snuggli knock off from walmart

Port a crib with basinnette to use as a cosleeper

Baskets to keep the diapers in

Diaper stacker

Diaper changing pad for the bathroom where we're planning on changing/ECing baby

Breast pump (nonessential)

I think that's it

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cloth wipes
diaper pail
baby gowns (I love those-so easy for changing)
boppy or other nursing pillow
certain babyproofing measures
bibs if you have a big drooler
waterproof mattress pads
Burt's Bees diaper cream (only essential in case of rash)

Nice but not necessary:
padded changing pad and cover
co-sleeper (since our bed is already full most nights )
bouncy seat-great for getting a quick shower
swing-I have had one babe who loved it and one who hated it.
stroller-sometimes almost necessary when you have older children as well, if not for baby, then for toting stuff.
crib-sometimes nice for naps, especially to protect baby from before mentioned older children.
high chair or booster seat for later
sippy cups for later
a couple of nice wooden/cloth toys
rocking chair (for me this is almost an essential)
baby washcloths/towels

Forget about it:
disposable diapers and wipes
playpen/ pack 'n play (althought they make great toy boxes!)
big plastic junk
diaper genie
training potty
baby bathtub
sleep positioner
special "baby" laundry detergent
special "baby" bottled water
tons of pink frilly clothes (in case of a girl)
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my essential list

1. sling
2. diapers (we use a service)
3. covers I have 6 NB and 15 small.
4. Onsies 10 ( I had waay to many last time around 20 the ones on the bottom of the stack never got used)
5. wipes or washcloths to use as wipes
6. dirty diaper bucket
7. Sleep dresses 10
8. Hats 2 ...good for conserving newborn heat (especially if you are birthing at home)
9.socks many
10.couple of blankets

11. car seat

12. change of sheets for bed if co sleeping ... I can't tell you how useful this is we didn't have any the first 2 weeks and I slept a few nights on a blanket because of massive spit ups

Good to have

1. Nursing bras, washable pads and nursing pjs
2. manual breat pump ( I ahd to send hubby out at 6 am on day 4 because of engorgement)
3.meals in freezer
4.a cute outfit for visiting
5. changing table with a pad.
6. Weleda diaper cream ( we call this the majic goo it heals everything)
7. extra pillows to prop for nursing ( I hated the boppy)
8. nursing station set up. This was what I put on the bedside table and couch table. Large bottle of water, dry snacks, magazine or book, remote, nursing pads and a diaper or two for burp.
9. a bouncy seat or a baby gym , something to keep the baby occupied for the 4 minuite shower you try to take every few days.

Not needed

1. stroller, unless you have a disability. Newborn strollers are stupid I think. We bought a nice Mclaren umbrella stroller around 6 months and have been using it for trips to the zoo etc for two years.

2. Bibs? I got so many of these as gifts and never used them. Why does a newborn need a bib?

3. bathtub seat. We got one used it once. It was so hard to wash her in it. After that we just got in the tub with her. It can be a lot of fun!

4. stinky lotions of soaps.

5. special baby detergent, just buy the unscented kind.

6. binkys, pacifiers etc.
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Essential? Left boob, right boob, sling or arms, car seat.

Good to have and nearly essential
baby gowns, pull on trousers with feet, vests
some nappies and wraps, a bean bag for lying a little one on while you shower or maybe eat dinner, lots of bits of cloth for spit ups and bottom wipes.

Forget it
baby gyms, most toys, cot, changing table, nursery, stairgates, a thing to wrap up your stinky nappies in plastic and store.

The more children I have the more I realise that we don't need much stuff BUT I would love one of these for daytime naps when we are at home.
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Originally Posted by Potatolover
2. Bibs? I got so many of these as gifts and never used them. Why does a newborn need a bib?
This makes me crazy too Especially since there are so many cute outfits that you have to pay more for because they come with a matching bib. Bottle fed babies use bibs because the formula etc comes out faster than they can swallow. Why do clothing companies assume we all bottle feed? GRRR!!!
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My little neice was the drooliest baby I have ever seen. She was breastfeed-but boy, did that child drool! It was crazy! It only took 30 mintues for the entire front of her to be soaked. Bibs were definetely a necessity for her, especially the absorbant kind.
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I bought a cute bib with a tractor on it when we were TTC. Then I started wondering why I did that... We're not even planning on starting solids (food allergies in the family) til 12 months, so it would be a LONG time before it got any use, and even then, it would be kinda small on a 1-year-old. Maybe I'll have a drooler Maybe my milk will come out really really fast and we can use it for that also!
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I have no disability and see a stroller as an essential. How else can I walk to do groceries?

Have all of you bought everything already? I just have some odd clothes here and there, we're moving in 4 weeks and I guess I'll be getting serioud at the End of June then.
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These are only based on things I've actually bought and/or received! (mostly received... I barely bought a thing)

Nursing pillow
A GOOD quality sling (OTSBH) and/or wrap (ultimate baby wrap)
A well fitting nursing bra
At least ten receiving blankets
Good overnight-quality cloth diapers. Don't be like me and get stuck with only daytime diapers and a baby who cannot be unswaddled for 6 hours at night by punishment of 6 hours of continuous crying.
Cloth nursing pads
A washable chux pad to use for changing and naked playtime
Diaper pins. I never used them for diapers, but I used them for everything else.

Nice to have:
A good manual breastpump - Avent Isis!
Mild, baby safe and petroleum free oil for massaging baby (I used Burt's Bees apricot)
A digital camera that takes nice shots indoors.
Plain old bouncy seat for putting baby in momentarily if they're the type who can't be set down. No need for anything fancy, they aren't going to be spending more than 10 minutes in there at the most.

Forget it:
Baby shoes.
Bottles and liners
Formula "just in case" (an accident just waiting to happen!)
Baby food
Rice cereal (we threw it away when it expired)
A crib
A changing table
Baby shampoo
Baby soap (You don't need to shampoo or lather your baby's body. Warm water will do just fine and won't damage their tender skin).
Antibacterial anything
Baby headbands (just a personal pet peeve of mine!)
An exercaucer
A walker (they're banned where I live, anyway)
Snugli, Bjorn or Nojo ANYTHING (except for the baby Bjorn ECing potty). Hip and spine damage to baby, plus uncomfortable for mom.
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breast pads
CPF's (for diapering & mopping up messes)
waterproofing for bed
clothes for baby (kimono shirts)
sling (Maya Wrap &/or Storchenwiege/Didymos)

Nice to have:
Baby Bjorn Little Potty for ECing
nursing pillow
bouncy seat
LLL contact info (if you need it, then it'll be essential!)

hmm...I definitely see lots of recurring items!
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I used bibs from the very beginning with my second because she was a spitter. I would much rather change 6 bibs per day than outfits (since bibs are a lot smaller and less expensive). She was breastfed.
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