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I was so sure I wouldn't be able to handle it when I had two. Now that I have three, I can't remember why two was so difficult, but I know that adding Bella to the family has gone more smoothly than adding BooBah did. On one hand, this is a very good thing; life is pretty smooth for all of us (in terms of family dynamics) right now, and that makes things easier. On the other hand, it makes me want another baby. : I know, I can't believe that I'm already thinking about it, but I am. This, in my mind, is decent proof that my period will show up pretty soon.

Besides, I can't have another baby right now; if I do, we won't have enough room in the minivan for all of the kids (because I'm : probably going to be homeschooling my nieces next year). Then again, maybe a gigantic van will fall into my lap, in much the way that the minivan did.

Wow, I've totally lost my mind. I'm going to relax and enjoy Bella's babyness, BooBah's toddlerhood (rapidly on it's way out : ) and BeanBean's childhood. I'm not going to obsess about #4 at this point. I've got three lovely children to enjoy.