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how quickly do cavities progress?

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I am pretty sure that i have a cavity. down in the deep crevice of my tooth, it is all black. i brushed and brushed and brushed hoping that it was just food, but no such luck. i called the dentist and the earliest they could get me in was almost a monthaway. problem is, we are moving at the beginning of next month. so...by the time we get moved and settled, find a new dentist, get an appt.....augh!!! could be a while. i'm nervous that it's going to rot away my whole tooth by then andi'll be dealing with lots more than just a little cavity. do i need to try and convince them to see me sooner? or do you think i would be okay to wait and see someone after the move? i would prefer to wait until after we move because i really am not crazy about my dentist here, but if i need to act more quickly, i'll try to get them to see me. i really didnt want to be dealing with this right now. i have extreme anxiety with going to the dentist so this is just the last thing that i needed in addition to the stresses of trying to get everything ready for the move. anyway, sorry for the vent. what do you think? thanks so much for your help!
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anybody? i'm really starting to get worried that it's going to progress too far in the time that it takes us to get movedand find a new dentist. i talked to the dentist here again and they were completely rude and said that they would call if they had any openings...haha! we livein a tiny tiny town and there isnt anyone else we can go to. idon't know what to do..help!

thanks so much!!!
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Number 1: your tooth is not going to all rot away in a month. I know how you feel, I have terrible dentist anxiety as well, so I feel ya!

Number 2: Maybe wait until you can find a nicer dentist (which I know makes all the difference in the world. As well as a well-timed Valium...jk) and read through some of the NT threads about re-mineralazation of teeth. Some folks have had amazing progress in treating cavities with proper nutrition. One mama even reversed a couple cavities and didn't have to get anything done!

Good luck to you! And when the time comes to do your time in the chair, you'll be fine. You may not enjoy it, but you'll be fine.
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I think someone on here said that when a cavity turns black that all the bacteria is dead and it isnt making a cavity anymore. But I could be way off on that, since I didn't read the original research. Anyone else know about cavity colors?
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Thanks so much for the responses! I would be very interested to know if the color of the cavity can determine if it is still progressing or not. thanks for mentioning that! anyone know more about it?

I know my tooth won't rot completely out in a month, i was just wondering if in 2-3 months time (by the time we get moved and settled, find a new dentist and get into see him/her) is long enough for it to do a lot more damage? I don't want to set myself up for more serious problems than i already have by neglecting it for a few months. i was just wondering if it is a bad cavity now, could it progress to root canals/etc.in the matter of a few months??? i know that no one can say for sure b/c everyone is different, just wondering how fast they typically progress.

I have been reading through the nt threads about remineralization of teeth...how interesting! I am goign to order NT and try and start modifying our diet to be more healthy. It's hard right now because we are trying to get everything ready for the move so we are eating pretty bad. maybe i'll get some more meal/snack ideas for the book and threads about nt. thanks for the recommendation!

Thanks again for the help!!!
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Here's something about colors of cavities from Wikipedia:
The earliest sign of a carious lesion is the appearance of a chalky white spot on the surface of the tooth (aka white spot lesion), indicating an area of demineralization caused by acid. As the lesion continues to demineralize, it begins to turn brown. If the lesion's progress continues unchecked, the demineralization can turn into a gross cavitation (a 'cavity'). Brown spot lesions that look shiny indicate that the demineralization process has stopped; this is now just a stain. Brown spot lesions that look dull indicate that active caries are present.
I'm also curious how quickly cavities can progress to needing a root canal. I have some small ones that I probably won't be able to take care of for 6 months. I talked to my dentist a bit about it on the phone, which I'd recommend unless you absolutely don't trust your dentist, and he said you can definitely slow down the progress by taking good care of your teeth (flossing 2 times a day in my case, since all my cavities are between teeth).

Joquita, what does NT stand for?
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I too have some teeth things I need to take care of but honestly right now with no dental insurance there is no way I can get it done.
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