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Anyone else due Christmas day?

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I always thought that would be the worst birthday to have, since people will just lump your birthday in with Christmas. Oh well, I'm just happy that I have a baby to have. Any one else due Christmas day? or right around then?
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I am not due Christmas, but I was born on Christmas. I did not really like having a Christmas birthday as a child, but looking back on it I don't really like my reasons. I hated that I tended to get only one gift for my birthday and Christmas lumped together. I rarely had an actually birthday cake, just whatever pie my mom had made for Christmas dinner. I hated that when I did get a birthday gift, it was often wrapped in Christmas paper. I wanted to have cupcakes at school ON my birthday like so many others got to. Now that I am older, it is nice having a Christmas birthday. I almost always get to see my family. When I was working, I never had to work on my birthday. Dh and I rarely exchange gifts so I don't really think about that part anymore. My dh was born on Dec 15. He really did not like having his birthday so close to Chirstmas either. We actually said for years that we would never have a baby in Dec because of how we felt as children. When we were TTC this time and it hadn't happened yet, we said to heck with it and decided to try for a dec baby afterall. Now our baby is due very close to dh's birthday, and since I tend to go overdue who knows maybe they will share a birthday. We will just make a point to make this baby's birthday special every year just like we do for our other children.
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December 24th, I think. People reactions totally range when they ask due date, some say oh how neat and others say bummer.
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Just did the math, and I think I'm due the 30th. So it'll either be a Christmas baby or a New Years baby! Either way, the grandparents-to-be will definitely take advantage of the timing to come see their first grandbaby!
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My EDD is the 24th-25th. I'm sure that I will hear in the years to come what a bummer it is having a Christmas holiday birthday is, but we'll make it special. Besides the baby is in good company -- his uncle's birthday is on Xmas and Grandma's is the 26th!!
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I'm due Christmas Eve. My birthday is December 19. There were things I disliked about my birthday, and things that I liked, as a kid (now it doesn't seem so important).

-Birthday parties were always lame- kids had usually gone out of town, and only 3 people could come, or some years my party would be in mid-January, which is a big drag. (Note to self- plan in advance and have kids party early).

-Not much attention paid to my birthday, since people were often distracted.

-In college, finals would often threaten to be on my birthday (wouldn't be a problem if you were born on Christmas or Christmas Eve, obviously)

-Nice to associate everyone being cheerful and happy and in the holiday spirit with YOUR birthday.

-A lot of people complain about getting fewer presents b/c of Christmas, but I sometimes got BETTER presents. Like my parents would get me something that was just too much for birthday or Christmas alone, but lumped together it was sometimes something great and unexpected.

-If finals were over, what better birthday present could there be? Sigh. Relax. The semester is finally over. And it's my birthday!

Anyhow -- I am dreading (when I start telling people) everyone saying, "Oh that's awful," when I say the due date. It's not awful! It's fantastic! I'm having a baby!
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I'm due December 20th, but since DD was 11 days past-dates, and I was born 10 days past dates, I've got a decent shot for a Christmas babe!

I'm just happy to have a baby en route. We'll be sure to make a big birthday deal so he or she doesn't feel left out.
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Originally Posted by ATruck
It's not awful! It's fantastic! I'm having a baby!
due 12/22 and couldn't agree more!
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Yep- this little one is due Christmas day. dd is 12/29 and we just are very concious of making her birthday very special.

a little side step-It is amazing that this edd is 12/25 because last Christmas (2005) I was actually miscarrying and passed the sac on christmas morning. It was very surreal and incredibly hard. I am praying this little one stays put.
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yeh mamabearsoblessed, I had a second trimester miscarriage with my first on April 22 '03, and then my dd's due date was April 22 '04. It made that first anniversary of my dd's death a lot easier. It still hurt, but it was a lot easier having full arms. I was glad that my dd wasn't actually born on that day though, I kind of needed seperate days, one to mourn and one to be happy on. You know?
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I'm due on Christmas day, too. I've got a December birthday, and the only thing I didn't like about it as a child was that I never got to have fun outdoor parties.

I'm thrilled that this baby is coming at all, christmas duedate or no.
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